Repost: Does Anyone Know Where I Left My Car Keys?

I’ve been forgetful lately.  I’m talking like, I’ll be in one part of my house, decide that I need something from another room, head to that locale, and as soon as I arrive there, I can no longer recall what I wanted to get.  I know this is a near universal human experience because I’ve had numerous friends, once I’ve told them about this tendency … Continue reading Repost: Does Anyone Know Where I Left My Car Keys?

Let’s Talk and Think about Skin Color

Note:  A version of this post was published earlier.   As America gears up for the 2024 presidential campaign, a variety of Republican contenders, chief among them Ron DeSantis, are doing their absolute best to dethrone the Grand Poohbah, otherwise known as “The Donald,” the man who gives lie to the statement “It can’t happen here.” To achieve this difficult task, these campaigners are going … Continue reading Let’s Talk and Think about Skin Color

Sharing is Caring

Dear, Readers, I’m speaking for all Wise & Shine writers when I say that we so appreciate your continued support of this blog.  To show how thankful we are, we want to ask you to share a link to your blog or site in the “thoughts” or comments section at the bottom of this page.  Please feel free to include a statement about what inspires … Continue reading Sharing is Caring

It’s Been Pouring

Most of us are familiar with the old saying, “When it rains, it pours.”  I’ve been thinking a lot about that adage recently because there’s been quite a lot of pouring rain in my life over the past few months. A few weeks ago, I wrote about needing to take a leave of absence from writing for this blog after being diagnosed with a degenerative … Continue reading It’s Been Pouring

Want to Write for Wise & Shine?

Hi, all.  Wise & Shine is looking for a few new writers.  If you’d like to apply to join the team, send samples of your writing via our “Contact” form.  Please familiarize yourself with the sort of things our blog publishes before contacting us.  We’ll send a set of writing guidelines to those who send examples of their work.  We look forward to reading your … Continue reading Want to Write for Wise & Shine?

young female astrologist predicting future with shining ball

Your Wise and Shine February Horoscope

Aries – You’ve always loathed slasher films like Friday the 13th because you feel they are, “utterly implausible.” That won’t be a critique you’ll ever level again by month’s end. Taurus – The stars don’t wish to squelch your creative spirit, but at the same time, they’re urging you to reconsider your choice to quit your job to focus on your newest brainchild. Because honestly, … Continue reading Your Wise and Shine February Horoscope

Question of the Day (Inspired by the Red-headed Stranger)

I’m currently reading The Tao of Willie:  A Guide to the Happiness in Your Heart, with “Willie” being the great Willie Nelson, musician and songwriter extraordinaire. As you might guess from the title, the book, coauthored by Nelson and Turk Pipkin, elucidates the singer’s philosophy of life, which was strongly influenced by Buddhist and Taoist tenets, and includes lots of autobiographical details. In one of … Continue reading Question of the Day (Inspired by the Red-headed Stranger)

Wise & Shine Podcasts in 2023

In October of last year, Wise & Shine started a podcast.  In the weeks ahead, we’ll be recording new episodes for your listening pleasure.  Tuesday will be the day we publish new podcasts to the site.  If you haven’t already done so, please have a listen to our recordings from 2022. We are interested in hearing from readers and experts who’d like to be a part … Continue reading Wise & Shine Podcasts in 2023

Max Dodo

The tutors who work at the Palo Alto College Writing Assistance Center are mostly in their late twenties and early thirties which means they’re young and energetic.  Because they haven’t clocked many years on this planet, they’re not yet tired or jaded.  This is likely the reason they’re so incredibly gung-ho about everything.  So, when the college announced that it was time for everyone to … Continue reading Max Dodo

young female astrologist predicting future with shining ball

Your Wise and Shine Horoscope

I’ll admit it: I’m generally very skeptical about Astrology. But these are so dead on they gave me chills. See for yourself: Aries – Zoran, Fifth Lord of the Legions of Vengeance, has decreed the time to exact retribution for your betrayal of the sacred blood oath is nigh, so today’s not a day to sweat the small stuff. Taurus – The stars are just … Continue reading Your Wise and Shine Horoscope

That’s Punny!

I’m pretty upset with myself.  I grew up in the Austin area (and yet!) I never once heard of El Arroyo restaurant, not until a few days ago. Since the 1980s, besides serving fine Tex-Mex cuisine to countless customers, the eatery has been posting imaginably funny and clever signs in its parking lot.  In fact, if you search for the restaurant on the internet, you’ll … Continue reading That’s Punny!

David’s “Walking Lunches”

I want to tell you about a fellow named David, a retired educator and part-time tutor of mathematics who works in the Math Learning Center, a place just down the hall from the Writing Assistance Center, the place I manage and often mention in blogs I write for Wise & Shine. David is one of the most relentlessly positive people a person is ever likely … Continue reading David’s “Walking Lunches”

The Wise & Shine Podcast:  Coming Attractions

If you’re a regular reader, you know I’ve been posting recently about the new Wise & Shine podcast.  We’ve published four episodes, and I’m working hard to plan and record others.  Our goal is to begin posting a new episode each Tuesday.  I’d like to preview a few upcoming episodes.  This weekend, I’ll be talking with Wynne Leon, one of our writers about two topics.  … Continue reading The Wise & Shine Podcast:  Coming Attractions