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Dear, Readers,

I’m speaking for all Wise & Shine writers when I say that we so appreciate your continued support of this blog. 

To show how thankful we are, we want to ask you to share a link to your blog or site in the “thoughts” or comments section at the bottom of this page.  Please feel free to include a statement about what inspires you as a writer or any other information you’d like to share.

It’s only fair that we have a look at your writing since you look at our writing so often.

I want to encourage everyone who reads this to check out all those sites.  Become followers if you like what you see.

If you like Wise & Shine, please let your friends know by sharing a link to our site with them.

We look forward to seeing your writing and other creative work.


Troy Headrick (and the other Wise & Shine writers)

95 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. Hi
    It has been a while since I posted something new on my blog but you can always take a look at
    Thanks and I keep on reading your stories

      1. It certainly is. Now that I’m managing the writing center on campus, I have fewer classroom teaching duties. We have been seeing lots of people with writing problems lately. I hope things are going well with you.

      2. Oh yes…it’s a busy time if you’re managing on top of other duties. Hang in there! All is well here…love the blogging community! 😎

      3. Glad things are going well. We’re trying to build community. We have some interesting initiatives coming up that should help facilitate community.

      1. Beautiful languages and countries. I’ve traveled there in the past. In Polish, I would say bardzo mi milo (“it’s nice to meet you”).

      2. The posts on wordpress are created from contributions and comments on our viber group cooling plant and I see that sometimes they lack all the information. Mostly, they are first prepared in word where you insert images, links and a topic that mostly means to us, and since viber does not have that google translator most of the time I also translate it into English (I know it’s not great sometimes) and they look at it first and then it’s sent to WordPress. But the main topic of the last 2 years is me and my struggle to leave the drugs, and I came to WordPress by accident 8 months ago, looking for Mr. Lee, whose similar struggle I followed on Facebook.

    1. Hi Eco Crusader. I’ve looked at your site but will go back to look more closely. You’re doing great work. I can’t think of anything of greater importance that trying to raise awareness in the way you are doing. Thanks for fighting the good fight!

      1. I mean it. You’re doing such important work. I feel mostly pessimistic when I think about how we’ve harmed the planet–the only home we have and a world of such beauty and wonder. I actually feel like we’ve mostly already lost the fight to keep the planet from warming to a degree that is going to make life much more difficult. And now we have microplastics to think about, among many other problems. It often feels so bleak. What are your thoughts?

      2. It is easy to get discouraged, Troy. The frustrating part is people don’t want to hear anything that might make their lives a little inconvenient. At some point, though, they will be personally affected in some way. Maybe that’s what it will take. In the meantime, I really try to look for the good news. I recently discovered this site that you might want to take a look at:

      3. Thank you. I will take a look. Yes, things may have to get extraordinarily bad before people begin to pay attention. On the other hand, there are lots of really smart and creative people who are paying attention and coming up with really cool solutions.

    1. I love the dog photo on your home page. I need to dig into your site and do a bit of reading. I’m looking forward to doing so. Thanks for providing a link!

    1. I’ve done a little looking on your site and think the premise–a blog about day trips–is such a good one. I loved the photo of the rainbow bridge. You’re finding and seeing things that so many miss because we’re all just racing through life and through the world. I need to look more deeply into your site. Thanks for reminding us to slow down and look.

      1. Thanks Troy, I appreciate your visit. When we look hard enough, there is a story to be told.

      2. I love your site because it’s really about paying attention. Many of us walk by very interesting places without taking notice. You’ve decided not to walk by those places. Cool idea.

      3. Thanks, Troy. I bet you’ve seen many interesting things during your time in the Middle East.

      4. Tons of interesting things. More than I could ever list here. I can provide one example, though. I was in Egypt during the uprising against Hosni Mubarak. You might recall that that period was call “The Arab Spring.” It was a scary buy exhilarating period. How many people can say they’ve witnessed a real revolution? By the way, that part of the world is severely misunderstood by people living in what we might call “the West.”

      5. A revolution, you make a great point. I think today , we in North America view a revolution as ancient history.
        I had the good fortune of working with a fellow from Syria. He came to Canada in the early 70’. Some stories he’d tell placed a light on how vastly different life was for people.
        He’d ride a camel to work at a king’s palace and leave his camel in a secured compound with the Mercedes cars.
        I can’t validate, Ara’s stories. He had a great sense of humour, he could have been pulling our leg but, for the most part, I believed him.

    1. Thanks for sharing a link to your site. By the way, Italy is one of my favorite places on earth. I’ve traveled there numerous times. It’s easy to be a romantic and a nostalgic person is such a wonderful location. I will look at your site.

      1. Thanks, Troy! Appreciate you allowing me to share. I have connected with a few bloggers through this post and am grateful to connect with others! Italy is on my bucket list – I have yet to visit.

      2. I’m glad you’ve connected with a few bloggers as a result of this. That was the point. I guess we could call this a success.

    1. If Wise & Shine can inspire others to write, then what we do has tremendous value. Keep on writing and keep on being inspired. I will check out your site.

      1. Love the things being shared on this site. Thank you to everyone involved as it is such a great help to the WP community 🙂

      2. We love that you love the things being shared here. If you like the site, please let your blogger friends know about us. We have some interesting plans for the future.

  2. Beautiful and inspirational blog post Troy. I am a huge supportive being and my heart melts when I read other writers work.

    As for me, I am a Men’s Fashion Blogger with a passion for writing men’s fashion blogs and I started blogging in 2020 and it has been my passion ever since. My blog is an educational and informative one with the goal of helping men dress better.

    Kindly check it out 🙏💯

    1. Boy, do I need your blog, Mthobisi. I’m hopelessly unfashionable. I will definitely check out your site and hope to pick up a few pointers. How did you get interested in writing about fashion? Thanks for the link!

    1. Wow! I just checked out your site and loved the brightly colored shirts! They look like works of art. Folks, check our the site at the link, especially if you like clothes that are unique. I’ll look more. Where is your company located? And how did you get started? Tell us more.

    2. Sorry for the late response. I’ve had a ton of comments to reply to. I wish you all the best on your business endeavor. I know all about the challenges of getting a small business up and running. Thanks for leaving a link.

    1. Todd, it’s getting to be time for a shave, or are you going for that rugged look?

      Everybody, check out Todd’s writing. He’s funny and serious and everything in between.

      Plus, he plays music. Todd is one of our Renaissance men on this site.

      1. Haha perfect timing Troy! I was looking at my beard and thinking-“yeah- maybe not” haha

        Thanks for the plug- I appreciate it!

    1. We very much like eclectic. I’ll check out your site. We’re glad our site has helped you find other sites you like. By the way, if you like our page, let your friends know about us. Thanks for the link.

    2. Hi. I had a quick look at your site and need to go back and read some of your pieces. Eclecticism is fine. I’m an eclectic writer too. Thanks for the link.

  3. I’m a little late to the party, but I’m happy to share my site for any other latecomers!

    On my blog I write about positive personal growth without the toxic positivity. Writing has become a way I process my thoughts and see what I have learned, so I’m always happy to share my tips with others!

    I have 2 books, “How to Heal Your Life on a Deep Heart Level”, and “Developing Happiness When You Can’t Find It: Overcoming the inner barriers and self-sabotage!”, in addition to several guided Journals.

    My next book is a work in progress, a different genre than my first two personal development books, this one is a Biographical-novel, from a time in my life when quite a number of very strange and serendipitous things happened. I’m writing it as a novel, because I honestly don’t think people would believe these things actually happened! a few years after they occurred, I spoke with a woman who had been through it all, and she was struggling to believe it was real and not something she had dreamed up. When I mentioned some of the events, she breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “Phew, I’m glad it wasn’t in my head, because I was doubting my sanity!”

    Even if you go back to my earliest blog posts, you’re not going to find mention of those events, so writing this book is also helping me to finally put in words what happened. Enough time had to pass to allow for healing to happen, because those were also some of the most difficult years of my life.

    I am thinking about posting excerpts or chapters, but I haven’t yet decided. A friend told me she couldn’t put down the first batch of pages I had sent her, so that’s positive feedback! I’d like to develop the strength and courage to approach an agent or publisher, so I’m working on that!

    1. Wow Tamara. All of this is fascinating. I’m just starting to explore writing beyond the blog. Onto your 3rd book, that’s really impressive

    2. I’ll check out your site, Tamara. I want to thank you for being such a loyal reader and commenter. I wish you all the best on your publishing plans. Just continue to be doggedly determined in your pursuits. All the best…

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