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Step 9: A Theatrical Podcast

A new theatrical podcast, a play by our very own Jack Canfora has dropped. Starring Jill Eikenberry, Step 9 is bingeable drama in eight episodes.

STEP 9 tells the story of Emily, a woman wrestling with the implications of prosecuting the man who raped her in college 30 years ago. Is she willing to relive the horror of that night in the pursuit of justice? Pressured by both her strong-willed, pragmatic mother and her daughter, a passionate 21-year-old social justice warrior, Emily grapples to balance her need for due process with her emotional well-being.  

Told with raw emotional honesty and surprising moments of humor, STEP 9 confronts our collective sense of justice, the political tensions of three generations of feminists, and the precarious balance between social obligation and self-care. 

To listen search for New Normal Rep Step 9 wherever you podcast or go to:

New Normal Rep YouTube Content

From the New Normal Rep, a theater company founded by Jack Canfora, see the entertaining and innovative content they are producing. Check out some of the plays and shorter pieces they’ve done on the NNR YouTube channel.

Available on YouTube: NNR Channel

Jericho: A Play by Jack Canfora

Several years after tragedy impacted their lives, a family comes together once again for Thanksgiving dinner. While family members struggle to come to terms with residual anger, grief and guilt, Jack Canfora’s thought-provoking play explores how people cope with personal and collective catastrophe. Displaying surprising humor and biting wit, this Jericho, Long Island clan exposes their desperate strategies for resolution and redemption.

Available on Amazon: Jericho

Poetic License: A Play by Jack Canfora

John Greer has a charmed life: he is a professor at a renowned university, a beloved father, and he is about to be named Poet Laureate. He owes much of his success to his wife, Diane, who aggressively shepherds his career. But when their daughter and her new boyfriend return home for the weekend, hidden secrets emerge that threaten to destroy the image he has cultivated in both his public and private lives. POETIC LICENSE is a biting drama set against the cutthroat “publish or perish” world of academia and explores how one person’s past can shape his art, his family, and in this case his future.

Available on Amazon: Poetic License

Todd Fulginiti & The Cat’s Pajamas

A set of vintage, New Orleans, & 1920’s style jazz classics balanced with a few “retro-fitted” modern tunes, this album is full of energy and old-school jazz spirit. CD & Downloads

Available as CD’s & Downloads here

Streamable on major platforms

Fragile by Todd Fulginiti

A musical response to the war in Ukraine.  All proceeds from this cover of Sting’s poignant song will be donated to Global Giving and earmarked for Ukrainian Relief.

Available for Downloads/Donations here

Streamable on major platforms

Finding My Father’s Faith: A Memoir by Wynne Leon

Drawing from the work of famed psychiatrist and author Dr. Scott Peck, Wynne explores the stages of faith and how, despite the love, commitment, and respect in her childhood home, she didn’t follow her parents into the church as an adult.

Regardless of the likely disappointment this caused her Presbyterian pastor father, he remained kind, loving, and open to dialogue. As Wynne turned to meditation to cope with challenges in her life, she realized that despite the differences in actual beliefs, she and her father shared a lot of common ground. Helpful for parents and children who diverge in their beliefs but remain committed to each other, Finding My Father’s Faith celebrates the unbreakable bond of love.

Available on Amazon: Finding My Father’s Faith

This Taste of Flesh and Bones: A Book by R. Arthur Russell

We are so much more than mere flesh and bones; we are eternal beings, descended from God. The fact that this book is in your hands is evidence that part of you—long forgotten—is calling to be recognized. This Taste of Flesh and Bones invites you to answer that call by participating in the greatest expedition that humankind will ever undertake—the journey to true Self. Contrary to what the majority of persons may believe, this deeper dimension is close at hand; and it can be recognized here and now. Will you listen to your heart?

Available on Amazon: This Taste of Flesh and Bones

SeekerFive: Photographic Prints

SeekerFive is an independent artist in Cleveland that creates expressionistic and minimal art from photography. Check out his Redbubble store front of stunning photographic prints, printed throw pillows, phone cases and other items.

Available on Redbubble: Photographic Prints

SeekerFive: Smartphone Cases

SeekerFive also has smartphone case designs available through a Society6 storefront as his Leaf Town brand. These visually appealing designs up the ante of having the coolest phone in the house.

Available on Society6: Smartphone cases

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