brown wooden gavel on brown wooden table

Judge Me, Judge Me Not

When I was 17 years old, I worked in a grocery store. One day a co-worker and I were pushing a giant skid full of milk cartons through the store. The skid was piled high with milk crates and was much taller than we were.  We were using a skid mover, which was being steered by yet another coworker; driver in the front, two “engines“ in the back.  Continue reading Judge Me, Judge Me Not

man in black sweater and blue denim jeans sitting on brown wooden chair

Bad Life Advice I’m Tired Of Hearing

I have a serious beef with some of our tried and true inspirational sayings. It’s bad advice!  In fact, I’ve discarded it for most of my life and  that seems to have worked out pretty well so far.  But, I’m tired of seeing others suffer needlessly as they cling to this nonsense, believing they’re doing the right thing. Continue reading Bad Life Advice I’m Tired Of Hearing