Evening Routine

Hello! We talk about morning routines a lot, as I did here some weeks ago. But we often overlook evening routines, which are also very important. What do we do in the evenings? Let’s say you come from work and what do you do? Personally, I come home, play with my cat, eat dinner or … More Evening Routine

Prayers for Turkey

Hi all, I was going to write about another topic but I do not have the mental clarity for it. As you might know, I am from Turkey. As you might also know Turkey had very devastating earthquakes since Sunday, biggest in decades and in a populated area. Everyone I know is safe (that is, … More Prayers for Turkey

Is Selfishness a Virtue? On Ayn Rand and the impacts of her philosophy

Having enjoyed The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, and Anthem, Ayn Rand was one of my favorite authors, that is, until I read The Age of Selfishness by Darryl Cunningham. In The Fountainhead, I found Howard Roark’s character to be endearing and refreshing as he continued to stick to his puritanical ideals of architecture and refusal to … More Is Selfishness a Virtue? On Ayn Rand and the impacts of her philosophy

I read over 100 books this year and here are my recommendations

The 2022.jpeg is coming to a close, and it’s been a wild ride. I put my 2 week’s notice in for my job in May, traveled to 15 countries, moved to Germany, started a master’s program, and am back celebrating the end of the year with my family. How did I find time to read … More I read over 100 books this year and here are my recommendations

“Enlightenment Stuff”

According to the Veritas Publishing website, David R. Hawkins (1913 – 2012) was an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, psychiatrist, physician, researcher, lecturer and developer of the widely-known Map of Consciousness. I’ve read two of his well-known books (I, Reality and Subjectivity and The Eye of the I) and found both of them helpful and informative. … More “Enlightenment Stuff”

Hashtag (#) Everyone

How paradoxical truth IS… Humankind is being sold a story of the apparent good life, and the majority of persons unwittingly buy it without examining it for value. I, for one, buy it no more. On the surface, the story seems bright, shiny, and sensible; a story that deserves to be placed on a high … More Hashtag (#) Everyone

The Unnecessary Question

From the human perspective, we often directly or indirectly ask the following question of our family, friends, and peers: “Are you with me?” Depending on the answer that we receive, we may feel bolstered, ridiculed, or even abandoned. The time waiting to know if they will support us can feel unbearable. Within the psychological structure of the … More The Unnecessary Question

To The One

In the barren lands of earth, our gestures of gratitude can often seem hollow and trite–an obligatory Thank You note written here; a box of chocolates given there; handshakes, hugs, and gift cards, though well intended, can also prove lacking. The worst, of course, is when someone’s precious gifts of time, effort, and heart are overlooked … More To The One

Only “This”

Language, even with our most precise usage, proves totally inadequate at expressing the Truth of the Absolute; for it soon becomes apparent that expressions about It are forced by their inherent limitations to remain verbal or written representations–not the original, Itself. Thus, in describing via our “A, B, C’s” (or equally valuable letters of other … More Only “This”

Define the problem

Hi there! How are you? Sometimes, unexpected news that can change our entire life comes and shocks us. What I noticed in those moments is that they do not always devastates us. In fact, sometimes, I deal with these kinds of sudden changes better than smaller adaptive changes. Why? I think the answer lies in … More Define the problem

Forever Now

Alice kept a close eye on time. It was a driving force in her life. She was fascinated by it, at least when it wasn’t driving her around the bend. The thought of ever being late was a stimulus that could set her pulse racing. She had a small collection of favourite watches; one for every occasion. … More Forever Now

This Mental Universe

In this article, we’re going to depart from our inquiry into the nature of our true Self and examine The Law of Attraction in greater depth. For persons who are unfamiliar with the subject, the law is basically summed up as follows: “We bring about what we think about.” One well-known example of the law … More This Mental Universe