clear drinking glass filled with water

The Glass Is Refillable

I was traveling last week, something I haven’t done without my kids in 7 years. I’d perfectly engineered the school drop-off and transfer to the nanny, filled the fridge with food, done all the laundry, and even unloaded the dishwasher.…

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window in japanese style with view of trees in autumn

The Power of Intuition

Intuition has always been a fascinating subject of study. It is generally associated with genius, because the greatest scientific discoveries happened thanks to moments of intuition. Einstein wrote: Intuition is a sacred gift of which reason is a faithful servant.…

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loving diverse couple having fun in new own home

I’m Back

When Micheal Jordan returned from the NBA after an extended hiatus his publicity manager was unsure how they should announce the news. So, he wrote a number of press releases for Micheal to choose from. But Jordan didn’t like any…

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four people standing on top of hill during sunset

The Power of Listening

Amidst the rise in digital technologies and new avenues for communication, the general quality of our public discourse has declined. As I have explored in this series, modern society has become increasingly fragmented and polarized. We are no longer able…

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I Walk With You

To go for a stroll with someone you love is one of the grandest experiences we could ever have. In the right company, with the right prevailing spirit, a walk hand-in-hand is sublime–a blessing for both. It is both comfortable…

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box with brain inscription on head of anonymous woman

What Is Mind Mapping?

Mind Mapping is a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain. It was invented by Tony Buzan. I heard about it a long time ago from a friend of mine who is…

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What is a difficulty?

Hi everyone! Welcome to Wise & Shine! I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend! How we define difficulty or problems is variable, or it should be. What is difficult for someone might not be so for another. Likewise, when…

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meditating with candles and incense

The Science of Mindfulness

The practice of meditation may at first seem counterintuitive or foreign to the Western mind. With the abundance of digital technologies and entertainment options available to us, why would anyone abandon these luxuries to sit alone in silence. Surely there…

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Beyond “Mice and Men”

John Steinbeck, who is one of my favourite authors, won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1962. His novella entitled Of Mice and Men would undoubtedly be considered one of John Steinbeck’s literary gems. Although shorter than some of his other masterpieces,…

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stone artwork

Romancing the Stone

More than 10 years after the fact, I can tell the story of my marriage/divorce with succinct clarity. I got married to my husband when I was 33-years-old. He had been married before and told me that he was divorced…

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Love So Deep

The Bible might be unfamiliar territory to a lot of readers (myself included), but the majority of persons may have heard or read the following well-known passage. Found in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7, the passage describes the nature and qualities…

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