I’m Back

When Micheal Jordan returned from the NBA after an extended hiatus his publicity manager was unsure how they should announce the news. So, he wrote a number of press releases for Micheal to choose from. But Jordan didn’t like any of them. He said, “I’ll do it myself.” before picking up a pen and writing … More I’m Back

Action without Intention never Gets You to Your Destination

Intention is powerful energy that allows you to satisfy a need, be it material, relational, emotional or spiritual. It is a source of positive energy that allows you to create or fulfil a dream. Many people think that only by taking action you can achieve your goal or get what you want. However, intention is … More Action without Intention never Gets You to Your Destination

Goodbye Spunky

My wife and I take care of a few feral cats that live in our neighborhood.  They move quietly and gracefully into and out of our backyard and remind me of lithe shadows.  We feed and water them, and when it got summertime hot back in early June, we constructed a crude but effective cat … More Goodbye Spunky

Get Started!

An Suess-style Poem to Inspire Your Best Life I’m not really into poetry- unless it’s from my poet-hero, Dr. Suess. Nobody else, in my mind, has his ability to deliver both serious messages and goofy fun with such imagination and humor, while maintaining a simplistic poetic structure. I think he’s a genius and an inspiration. … More Get Started!