I’m Back

When Micheal Jordan returned from the NBA after an extended hiatus his publicity manager was unsure how they should announce the news. So, he wrote a number of press releases for Micheal to choose from. But Jordan didn’t like any of them. He said, “I’ll do it myself.” before picking up a pen and writing … More I’m Back

The Power of Listening

Amidst the rise in digital technologies and new avenues for communication, the general quality of our public discourse has declined. As I have explored in this series, modern society has become increasingly fragmented and polarized. We are no longer able to search for areas of compromise or entertain opposing viewpoints. The cause of the issue … More The Power of Listening

A Stoic difficulty: developing love for humanity (philanthropy)

In previous posts I’ve been expanding on four difficulties probably faced by those of us attempting to practice Stoic philosophy. Here is the fourth: a certain lack of effective exercises for developing “philanthropy,” meaning a love of humanity or love of human beings. This “philanthropy” is itself a great topic and matter for reflection, but … More A Stoic difficulty: developing love for humanity (philanthropy)

Breaking News: Document Seized at Mar-A-Lago Leaked

The NY Times reports the FBI seized a recording of former President Trump trying to pre-emptively pardon himself and his children during its search of his house in August. . Here, according to anonymous sources, the transcript: Trump: So listen. I want to pardon myself for stuff. White House Lawyer: what “stuff,” sir? Trump: Just … More Breaking News: Document Seized at Mar-A-Lago Leaked

3 Stoic Exercises to Achieve Tranquility and Inner Peace

In this blog post on the philosophy of Stoicism I want to explore 3 practical Stoic techniques that I have found particularly useful for attaining confidence and tranquility of the mind. If you take a step back and look at your life from a cosmic perspective you will realize how small and insignificant you are … More 3 Stoic Exercises to Achieve Tranquility and Inner Peace

Telling a Good Story

The other day my friend, Eric was over and started telling a story that had us all rapt, including my almost 7-year-old daughter and her friend who usually dismiss grown-up talk as boring. The story was about a summer job when he was in high school as a tennis instructor at a little neighborhood beach … More Telling a Good Story

Openness: The Gates of Mind

“Openness is seen in the breadth, depth and permeability of consciousness, and in the recurrent need to enlarge and examine experience.” – MCCRAE & COSTA, 1997, P. 826 Openness (which is actually Openness to experience) breaks down into Intellect and Openness.  Intellects like grappling with ideas. They love to solve complex problems and debate philosophical matters. … More Openness: The Gates of Mind

All that Jazz

Many Americans are convinced that the COVID pandemic is over.  Thinking this way would be a mistake.  I know because my wife contracted the virus at some point recently and tested positive on Friday of last week.  Despite being fully vaccinated, she’s feeling quite unwell. As a result, I’ve moved into the front bedroom—the one … More All that Jazz

How to Overcome Difficulties with the Ganbatte

Japanese people have an incredible ability to recover from catastrophes of any kind. After World War II that left the country in ruins, in just thirty years Japan became the second largest economy in the world, becoming leaders in the electronics sector in the eighties and nineties. How could the Japanese economic miracle happen? The … More How to Overcome Difficulties with the Ganbatte