Our Team

Andrew Abballe

For as long as he could remember Andrew has been intrigued and fascinated by the fundamental questions of philosophy. His writing seeks to explore what the modern world can learn from the lessons of literature, poetry and ancient wisdom.

He believes that philosophy is not about abstract intellectual concepts but rather should be seen as a way of life. Andrew seeks inspiration for his writing in the arts as well as in the solitude and stillness found in nature. For more of his writing, you can check out his blog https://alifeofvirtue.ca/.

He is excited to join and learn from the Pointless Overthinking team of writers.  


AP2 is a commercial airline pilot living in and out of Hong Kong with a particular love for family life, flying aeroplanes, traveling the world, improving the self and writing poorly. Staring out the window has always been a hobby which is why he decided to pursue it as a profession. Before piloting, AP2 studied History mainly because he didn’t have to attend many lectures. Surprisingly he’s also a published author of 1 whole children’s book. This does not pay the bills.

On the horizon AP2 has ambitions to study both psychology and philosophy with a view to changing careers. This is because he is slightly deranged and wants to understand why. AP2 is also a father to two frenetic boys and husband to one remarkable woman. In his spare time AP2 loves to blog – explaining all the reasons for the world’s problems and how to fix them despite being unable to fix himself. If you’d like to read about his nonsensical world views and exceptionally poor self-help advice be sure to check out his blog here: https://clear-air-turbulence.com.

Be warned his writing requires a pinch of salt. For both political and professional reasons AP2 is not at liberty to share his identity however you can contact him at the following email address: anxiouspilot2@gmail.com. If he believes you’re not a Chinese spy he might share his identity with you. If you’re really desperate you can also follow him on Twitter @AnxiousPilot

Art Russell

Retired from an almost thirty-six-year career as a Primary Care Paramedic, I now share information about the nature of Consciousness, Spirituality, and the Law of Attraction. I believe that when more BEings become aware of their true Self, they will be relieved of needless suffering that is related to the human perspective. My purpose is to improve the quality of life by “pointing” to a deeper understanding of “What”–not who–we really are. Toward that end, I wrote and published a book entitled “This Taste of Flesh and Bones” –available through Amazon. I also regularly publish articles on my own blog at https://think2wice.me/.

Betul Erbasi

Hi! I am Betul, currently a PhD student in Linguistics at the University of Southern California. I am Turkish and lived in Turkey until 2015. Since then, I have been in the US. This experience of changing countries has helped me a lot with my writing, as I got a chance to observe the differences between different cultures and have experienced different ways of living. This way, I found my biggest inspiration: people.

My biggest hobby is writing, of course. I write short stories and poems on my personal blog (betulerbasi.com), mostly relating to the intricacies of the human mind and how it relates to the people and things around us. My writing on Pointless Overthinking also relates to my observations on human nature, specifically how the human mind works, what patterns it forms and how we see the reflection of these in our lives. Recently, I have started becoming more interested in the spiritual side of humanity and I think I will write more about that.

Looking forward to interacting with you all soon!

Billy Osogo

From Nairobi, Kenya.

I am a lover of books.

I see, interact, interrogate and communicate with the world through stories. What’s your story? 

Cristiana Branchini

Hi everyone, my name is Cristiana (alias crisbiecoach) and I am excited to be part of the Pointless Overthinking team!

I am an Italian living in Brussels since 2016. Before, I spent 3 years in Tallinn, Estonia and 4 years in Valenciennes, a small town in Northern France.

I am a life coach but work as project manager (used to work as Human Resources manager) for scientific research projects in the environment field.

Though I am very worried about the climate emergency that our planet earth and all their inhabitants have been facing for the last years, I write a blog (https://crisbiecoach.blog/en/) on “bringing positive changes in your life”. This is my motto.

I love reading and writing is my favourite hobby. I decided to start my blog in 2017 because I wanted to share what I learned from my life and work experiences.

Then, blogging has become a learning experience itself.

The purpose of my writing is instilling curiosity to find out your true self.

Ellen L. Jayne

Hello fellow bloggers and blog-lovers, my name is Ellen and before I tell you a little bit about myself, please allow me to share my favorite quote with you: 

‘All I ask the gods to grant me is that I ask them for nothing.’

‘…since only in the illusion of freedom, does freedom exist.’


Now, onto the riveting details you might read only if you’re so inclined:
I’m a self-proclaimed writer who loves reading poetry—and I try my hand at writing it too. I’m fascinated by other cultures and the psychology of why we do the things we do. I utilize self-reflection quite a bit and love to write about the lessons life has taught me. I love languages and speak Italian and Spanish.

I blog because I love interacting with our readers and am honored to be a part of such a caring and canny community. There is truly a lot of light and love in life. <3 E

Jack Canfora

Jack is relatively new to blogging;  his blog, https://thewritingonthepaddedwall.com, which focuses on the nature and business of dramatic writing, mental health, and the overlap between the two topics, launched in April of 2020. However, he has been writing in some form or other all of his life. 

Jack is the winner of the 2016 Webby Award for Best Writing Online TV & Film for the pilot of a web series he co-wrote and co-created with Andrew Rein, The Small Time, www.thesmalltimeseries.com His Off Broadway plays include Poetic License,  (59E59 Theaters), featuring Geraint Wyn-Davies, which was hailed by the Associated Press as “White-hot entertainment,”  and Jericho, (59E59 Theaters), a New York Times’ “Critics’ Pick”), featuring Jill Eikenberry.

Among the numerous regional productions of his plays are Place Setting (New Jersey Repertory), which was a finalist, along with plays by Teresa Rebeck, Elaine May, and Edward Albee, for The Newark Star Ledger’s Best Play, 2007; Tennessee Wiliams: A Life (w/ Harris Yulin) (Guild Hall), featuring Eli Wallach, Harris Yulin and Mercedes Ruehl,  The Source  (New Jersey Repertory, 2019), and Jericho, (NNPN Rolling World Premiere: New Jersey Repertory Company, Phoenix Theatre, Florida Studio Theatre,  Minnesota Jewish Theater, UpstART Theater, Colorado). 

His play Fellow Travelers was produced in 2018 at the Bay Street Theatre, directed by Michael Wilson and was optioned by the Shubert Organization for a Broadway production. He is excited to be part of the new online theater company, which is scheduled to make its debut in early 2021.

In addition, Jack is the recepient of two Edgerton Playwriting Awards, for Jericho (2010) and The Source (2018).

Joshua Clements

Joshua Clements is a writer and martial arts coach living in South Georgia. He is also the Tutoring Services Coordinator and part-time instructor at a local college. When he isn’t writing or helping students, he spends his time with his wife and kids, and plays the guitar on occasion. Check out his blog at www.thephilosophicalfighter.com.


SeekerFive received a wide-ranging education with special training in philosophical theory, and is blessed or cursed with even wider-ranging interests. He recently spent several years learning, teaching, creating, and developing in academia. Now he creates visual artwork and works primarily in the private sector, occasionally teaching or advising.

He loves nature and creative pursuits, and is a solitary extrovert.

Todd Fulginiti

Todd Fulginiti is a writer, musician and former school teacher who enjoys telling stories and reflecting on life and the world.  His Five O’Clock Shadow blog (www.fiveoclockshadow.life) is a virtual magazine with regular features such as Old Man Rants (humor), RebEarth (sustainability) Music, Lifestyle, Wellness and more. 

As a musician, Todd plays trumpet, percussion, sings, writes songs, composes music and acts as booking agent/contractor. He has created a variety of bands/ensembles, giving him an outlet to perform the many musical styles he loves. Visit Todd Fulginiti Music for more.

Todd lives in Lititz, a town in Lancaster County, PA- aka “Amish Country”.  He is not Amish (people often ask), but he meets some every now and then.

For a more creative and detailed, bio- read this.

Troy Headrick

Troy started writing before he could actually write.  He’d dictate stories to his mother who wrote them down in one of those Big Chief tablets.  His father studied the fine arts, and Troy made and sold art as a child, likely as a result of some genetic inheritance his father bequeathed to him or because he spent so much of his early life hanging around such a creative mentor.  He then forgot about doing that sort of thing—actually, the responsibilities of life stole away all the time he could have spent doing such work—until a few years back when he started making drawings again and showed them in galleries both in the US and overseas.  He’s damned determined to find a way to start seriously making art again.

Troy studied a long time at universities and then dropped out of his PhD program right at the last minute because he got a lucrative job off in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates.  He spent nearly twenty years abroad and resided in Poland, the aforementioned UAE, Turkey, and Egypt.

Troy has published a lot of different kinds of writing in many print and online magazines.  Jeff Tiedrich, a renowned internet entrepreneur and a social media superstar, gave him the Nova Nuevo award some years ago for a series of political pieces he wrote during the Obama Administration.  He is interested in politics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, literature, history, and many other subjects too numerous to list here.

In his travels, he witnessed revolutions and coups (and their scary aftermaths) and is drawn to places and activities that some call “dangerous.”  His ultimate goal is to live an uncommon life. 

Wynne Leon

Wynne Leon is an optimist, an enthusiast of endurance sports and a woman intent in charting her own path. Which is a combination that has led to an unconventional life. When she was younger a life of adventure meant climbing mountains, traveling the world and being an entrepreneur.

More recently, it’s been starting a family as a single parent at age 46, having another child at age 50 and adopting a highly-strung kitten, even though she really is a dog person.

In addition to blogging, her writing includes technical computer manuals, articles about meditation and parenting, and Finding My Father’s Faith, a memoir about spirituality, solace and her relationship with her beloved father.