My Top 3 Christmas Parody Songs

I hesitate to make this post. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve- is now an appropriate time to be juvenile and irreverent? Is there ever a good time for that? Might this subject matter offend some readers? Maybe.

But here we go anyway. At least you’ve been warned.

As a big time Christmas lover, I also appreciate Christmas parody songs. At this point in the season, even though the big day is right around the corner, you may be a little “Christmassed-out” and therefore willing to entertain some of this nonsense with me- at least I’m hoping so.

If you’re willing to dip your cup into this foul and off color bowl of musical egg nog, do so at your own risk, and enjoy!

Here are my Top 3 Christmas Parodies:

Dick In A Box by The Lonely Island featuring Andy Samberg & Justin Timberlake

Originally aired as a Saturday Night Live digital short in 2006, this track won a Prime Time Emmy for original music and also went viral, racking up millions of views and counting. The music is so good that I think it could be a big hit as a regular song with clean lyrics.

Mr. Hanky- Parker, Stone & Shiaman

I haven’t seen many episodes of South Park, but thanks to a friend of mine who’s nearly obsessed with Christmas parodies, I have heard a bunch of South Park’s holiday hits.  Mr. Hanky is at or near the top of the charts in that category, plus who among us can resist the allure of some good old-fashioned bathroom humor?  Mr. Hanky first aired in episode 9 of South Park’s first season, in 1997.

The Restroom Door Said Gentleman- Bob Rivers

To me, this parody of God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman in the grandfather of all Christmas parody songs.  It was released in 1988, during my freshman year of college, and seemed like a special, yuletide version of another parody master, Wierd Al Yankovic.  Bob Rivers crafted this gem.  Bob was a well-known radio personality in the Seattle area who ended up making several Christmas parody albums. The official Bob Rivers version wouldn’t embed properly, so please enjoy this rendition by the Smorgaschords instead.

Honorable Mention:

The Covid Song by Mel Torme, Robert Wells, & Todd Fulginiti

Here’s my own parody, born in the throes of Covid winter 2020. Covid itself was plenty bad enough, but some fools made it worse by not following public health guidelines. That pissed me off, so I took out my frustrations in the form of my first parody song. American Idol judges may criticize my somewhat pitchy vocal performance, but I’m a trumpet player, not the next Michel Buble. WARNING: This track is rated F for…

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10 thoughts on “My Top 3 Christmas Parody Songs

  1. I had to refrain from commenting on your post yesterday with my favorite, but slightly off-color, Christmas joke (having to do with chestnuts roasting on an open fire), so this makes me feel better. 😆

    Juvenile is good, and ESPECIALLY now, when people are more stressed out than normal. I haven’t heard these, but love Weird Al. Will give these a listen and get ready to giggle! 😃

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