We aim to please. And by that, we don’t mean that this section is without substance. Actually, it may be our most sneaky content of all – aimed to delight while all the while providing something worth thinking about.

“Laughter without a tinge of philosophy is but a sneeze of humor. Genuine humor is replete with wisdom.”

Mark Twain

NNR YouTube Channel

From the New Normal Rep, a theater company founded by Jack Canfora, see the entertaining and innovative content they are producing. Check out some of the plays and shorter pieces they’ve done on the NNR YouTube channel.

  • Best of January

    Best of January

    We’ve been working hard to mold Wise & Shine into a community for readers and writers. This best of post is intended to provide a peek into the collaborative efforts and other content you may have missed. Please sign up for the newsletter to get information on content and contests. Heads Up Podcast Updates: We’ve … More Best of January

  • Reverse Engineering Bliss: Hacking the Flow State

    Reverse Engineering Bliss: Hacking the Flow State

    High stake situations require complete and utmost concentration. Any distraction or lapse of judgement can shift your attention away from the present moment, hindering your efforts to achieve a state of effortless flow. This could make all the difference in the final moments of a championship game or dictate whether you are in peak performance … More Reverse Engineering Bliss: Hacking the Flow State

  • Writer’s Roadblock 

    Writer’s Roadblock 

    So I hit a roadblock with my writing recently. I stalled. Ironically while writing a book about stalling and the need to let go to regain lift in life. Instead of doing that, I kept smacking my head against a brick wall.  I am the master of not following my own advice.  Eventually, I ceded … More Writer’s Roadblock 

  • Morning Routine Appreciation Post

    Morning Routine Appreciation Post

    Hello there! I hope everyone started off a great week! Today, I want to appreciate morning routines. I have always been an early bird. Well, not always. Always up to the last 1.5 years or so. This is when I started sleeping in for the first time in my life. I assume my body and … More Morning Routine Appreciation Post


    Life has many pleasures. For some it’s a chill day of Netflix. For others it’s chocolate ice cream on a summer afternoon. For me, it’s board games. A good board game, great company and lots of laughter. Swadakta! Over the weekend, I played a memorable game of Upwords. The game took about an hour and … More LESSONS ON THE GAME OF LIFE FROM BOARD GAMES