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Springtime Public Service Announcements

It’s May- the time when the weather gets impatient for summer, speeds into it too early, then goes back to late winter (apparently it forgot something back there), and then races back into summer for good. At least that’s the way it seems to go down in my area of southeastern Pennsylvania.

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But, before time runs out on this annual season of verdure rebirth, let me make the following public service announcements. (PS – I found the word verdure while Googling synonyms for plants)

#1. Beware of Teenagers, Especially the Males

I guess it’s mating season. Or maybe just dating season. Either way, I’ve already been the sad witness to several scenes this spring in which a boy does something stupid, presumably to impress a girl, who I assume would be totally unimpressed, based on the nature of the boy’s stunt. It’s best when these episodes result in mere loudness and annoyance, but sometimes they escalate into a dangerous situation for unsuspecting bystanders and passersby, especially if a car or other vehicle is involved.

Stay alert!

#2. Don’t Put All The Winter Clothes Away Yet

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Many homes in my area are older. That means they are most likely built with what amounts to a serious lack of closet space, at least by modern standards. This results in residents needing to put roughly half of their clothing into storage (attic, basement…) at any given time. When winter ends, the warm clothing gets put away in favor of the cool summer wear. The reverse happens after summer.

But be warned- after record warm temperatures here during February and March, May has been crazy cold and cloudy so far. So, you might want to postpone the annual “Sweatpants & Sweater Packaway Day” until you’re sure the warm weather is here to stay for a while. Although, I’m sure the first day it isn’t cold here, it will be 90 degrees and humid.

3. Eat Fresh. Eat Local

This one is actually serious. May is a great time (in my region) for salads! Fresh, homegrown greens are at every farm and market stand and they make the best salads of the year. So support your local growers and buy some of their stuff!

Even better- make a conscience effort to reduce the number of miles your food has to travel to get to you, and eat local grown produce and other foods as much as possible, especially now that it’s growing season!

Related to that idea- here’s a silly little public service jingle I wrote for a client on that very topic. Turns out the client didn’t like it that much so now it sits alone and neglected in a folder on my computer, wishing it could meet and marry the cool yet comic animation its heart desires.

Here it is. It’s goofy- you’ve been warned!

Have A Happy Spring!

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24 thoughts on “Springtime Public Service Announcements

  1. I love all of these reminders…and hey – the jingle is fun! Are you the lovely voice singing the tune, too? Well done! 😎

    1. Thanks Victoria! Haha yes that’s me trying to sound like the cowboy/farmer character I imagined for the animation that never materialized 😁

      1. I loved it! You’ve got a great voice…and I “felt” the farmer vibe. You should be doing commercial voiceover work! 😎

      2. Thanks! 🙂 I always thought that seemed like a fun job…

    1. Haha thanks Wynne- I was just looking for a different way to say something mundane- Google to the rescue!

  2. I just got back from the farmer’s market. We have a tiny one with only two vegetable stands but jewelry, honey, CBD, etc. The veggies are much better than from a grocery store.

  3. Oh no, I just washed all my winter pullovers and jackets…Eat fresh and local is the best way to stay healthy. Thank you for the tips Todd!

    1. I’m waiting another week to wash the winter stuff 😁 I agree- fresh and local is best for food!

  4. your #2 reminded me of a phrase I grew up with “ne’er cast a clout til May is out” – basically means what you said don’t put away your winter clothes until June 🙂 I loved your comments about young males/boys and yes, I agree going by what I see at work

    1. I like that phrase! I bet you see quite a bit of “interesting behavior” with the students 😁

      1. definitely but I think I’m also used to a lot. I know when I’m out with my husband he’s constantly shocked by dress, behaviour etc – a lot of things don’t bother me. It was quite funny the other day, we had some sort of event at the college and some of my students (about 17-18 years – male) were asked to pose for the cameras in front of a fire engine – they were happy to do this until a couple of younger girls were brought in – suddenly they became camera shy

  5. Gonna get my lazy bones out early on Saturday morning to haul off to the farmer’s market to buy me some fresh local green stuff. Thanks for the nudge. It was the jingle that did it!

  6. Catchy jingle! Not much growing yet here in Wisconsin…and I know better than to put our sweatshirts away any time soon! Can’t wait for the farmer’s markets to start in a few weeks!

    1. Thanks Dawn! I’m jealous that you guys actually have a legit winter. I’m a big winter fan but lately things have been dry and mild here.

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