Reason vs Behavior: Which one is more important?

If you don’t live somewhere alone, isolated from others, then you see people and you notice them and their behavior. The question is: how often do you judge them based on their behavior and how often do you seek and try to understand the reason behind that behavior? One of my biggest beliefs is that noticing one’s behavior is not enough for drawing a conclusion, … Continue reading Reason vs Behavior: Which one is more important?

“Small pleasures are important”

Even though I haven’t written anything about movies as I did last year, I remained a huge movies fan. Last night I watched The Two Popes, a recent movie directed by Fernando Meirelles, where I heard the quote “Small pleasures are important”. This made me think about how important they really are and why we should pay (some) attention to small pleasures. But what a … Continue reading “Small pleasures are important”

The Two Fears that rule them all

The human behavior is so unpredictable that understanding seems impossible from time to time. If you have a quick look world-wide, you’ll soon realize there are so many situations that seem SF, you’ll feel the need to double-check if you’re watching a movie or not. So today I’ll mention my two fears that rule them all (sorry for the Lord of The Rings pun, but … Continue reading The Two Fears that rule them all

Our Mysterious Inner Universe

As always, I’m interested about the reason behind every human behavior and there is one answer that covers everything: the inner universe. The most interesting part about our inner universe is that we barely get to know it, and when we do know parts of it, we often go in the opposite direction. I believe there are two strong forces that govern our inner universe: … Continue reading Our Mysterious Inner Universe

The Past, The Present and The Future

These three aspects seem to be so well delimited that it’s hard to believe they co-exist inside of us all the time. Even though yesterday seems to be over and that tomorrow is yet to come, we do think and behave now based on yesterday and tomorrow. Wanna hear how this got into my mind now? No? I don’t care, I’ll tell you anyways. Yesterday … Continue reading The Past, The Present and The Future

Mind vs Reality

Don’t worry, that “vs” is just for show. It’s not a battle, but there are differences, especially if we think about what “reality” really means. Have you ever searched for what Wikipedia says about reality? Here it is: “Reality is the sum or aggregate of all that is real or existent, as opposed to that which is only imaginary. The term is also used to refer to … Continue reading Mind vs Reality

Holding a grudge? – Reblog

“When you stay upset on someone, you give your emotional control to that person every time you think about her. You’re allowing that person to control your emotions from a distance. By not forgiving her, you’re allowing that person to control your emotional life as if she would be with you in that moment and the situation is happening all over again.” – Brian Tracy This … Continue reading Holding a grudge? – Reblog

The “curse” of being wrong

This is something most people want to avoid. This is basically why so many awesome ideas die. People cannot stand the fact they might be wrong. They just don’t, especially when they strongly believe in a certain idea. This is related to the fact that an idea or an opinion is strongly connected to the self, the ego and anything that threatens the idea, it … Continue reading The “curse” of being wrong

We become what we’re surrounding ourselves with – Reblog

Starting from a comment Viola Bleu posted on one of my writings, I began skating the internet (I don’t surf because I don’t know how to swim), to get more insights about this idea that we are becoming what we’re surrounding ourselves with. Why is this happening? It’s happening because whatever we have around us becomes familiar and we like familiar things. The more familiar they are, … Continue reading We become what we’re surrounding ourselves with – Reblog

I need to vs I have to – Reblog

We do things every day. Some of them we enjoy doing, others to do because we have to and some we do because we need to. There is this thing I’ve noticed: whenever we have to do things, we sometimes feel worse compared to the things we need to do. Why is this happening? I believe this happens because when we have to do things, we subconsciously feel obligated … Continue reading I need to vs I have to – Reblog

Healthier through breathing

Are you familiar with Wim Hof’s method of staying healthy? If you are, you know what I’m talking about. If not, this is going to be interesting. Honestly, I had little information about Wim Hof, but I knew he is a strong healthy individual. Today I came across a video talking about his breathing technique, which is one of the three parts of his method … Continue reading Healthier through breathing

Rephrasing: A path to a better communication? – Reblog

Rephrasing is a therapeutic technique developed by Carl Rogers which represents the expression in a more concise way whatever the other person just said (rephrasing is different from reframing which is another therapeutic method, but this second one is used for changing the context or the perspective with a different one that fits at least as good). Since he was a psychologist, he developed this method as a way … Continue reading Rephrasing: A path to a better communication? – Reblog