The “curse” of being wrong

Drawing by Adrian Serghie

This is something most people want to avoid. This is basically why so many awesome ideas die. People cannot stand the fact they might be wrong. They just don’t, especially when they strongly believe in a certain idea.

This is related to the fact that an idea or an opinion is strongly connected to the self, the ego and anything that threatens the idea, it threatens the self (or at least, that’s what people feel).

This post comes from my own recent experience. I’ve assisted one of my managers trying desperately to prove why everybody else is wrong and why he is right. When confronted, even with strong evidence, he gets super-mad and he starts to yell because he has no logical arguments. Some people are just not able to admit when they’re wrong and that’s what keeps them from evolving.

Where perfection exists, evolution has done its job. However, we all know that there is no such thing as perfection, and thank God for that! Perfection is boring, without lessons and without excitement.

For me, being wrong is both a punch in the stomach and a kick in the ass. While I suffer, I see there is an opportunity for growth. Yes, it is hard to admit that I’m wrong because I feel hurt and I’m ashamed of myself, but still… is less boring than being right all the time.

What is your experience with people that hate being wrong?

12 thoughts on “The “curse” of being wrong

  1. Not entirely unrelated to your post, but last night, when I was reading Boswell’s “Life of Johnson” (the abridged version, because I’m not that much of a nerd), that arguing with Johnson was pointless. I’m mangling the quotation, but it was something along the lines of: “If he misses his shot, he’ll beat you with the butt of his gun.”

  2. I believe everyone hates being wrong including myself but it’s also more freeing to the mind just accept and admit that you made a mistake and try and figure out how to improve it or try not to do it again.

  3. Internet culture also has a thing about being wrong. If you’re wrong, it’s like being open to an all-you can eat buffet.

    Genuinely making a mistake should be taken as an opportunity for growth.

  4. Well, I’m never wrong, and I’m practically perfect in every way… ROFL.

    Seriously, it’s either massive insecurities or low self esteem. Jomz is correct about the internet trying to turn even a slight mistake into a feeding frenzy on shark week. That definitely puts people on the defensive.

  5. Very nicely put. We all hate being wrong. It’s hard to explain to the other person that you are wrong and it’s even harder to admit that we are wrong. We always look for cover-up and excuses. But saying sorry and admitting lifts a load off your heart…

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  7. People who refuse to admit they are wrong, despite evidence to the contrary, are people I avoid. They don’t want to learn or expand their life experience. They just want to be right, or superior to someone who sees things differently.
    I’m fine if someone and I have a difference of *opinion*. That’s a totally different animal. Opinions are not facts, and if I like purple, and that person likes red, well, we’re both right.
    I don’t mind being wrong. It happens often, and I try not to take it as a personal slam. OK, I got it wrong – what can I take away from that?

  8. No matter what they will never, ever admit they are wrong! 😵 I have known them so long I just go along with the flow. 🥴 This way the “no wrong” conversation ends. Silence is golden. 😉

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