“Small pleasures are important”

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Even though I haven’t written anything about movies as I did last year, I remained a huge movies fan. Last night I watched The Two Popes, a recent movie directed by Fernando Meirelles, where I heard the quote Small pleasures are important. This made me think about how important they really are and why we should pay (some) attention to small pleasures.

But what a small pleasure really is? How do we differentiate a small pleasure than a big one (I assume there isn’t a weighting machine for this, nor a tape line of some sort). In my opinion, a small pleasure is something that can be easily achieved, without too much of an effort. For example, cooking and eating your favorite dish can be defined as a small pleasure, in my opinion. Watching your favorite movie can be defined the same.

So why did the “popes” thought small pleasures are important? My best guess is that our daily life is already tough and maybe our big pleasures take months or even years to achieve. Does that mean we should live in sadness and suffering all that time? No! We can find brief moments of pleasure (maybe even happiness) that can spark the light within us once again. Without those small pleasures, days can be darker than Lord Voldemort’s broken soul and you know it! I know you do!

Okay, so you know it, I know, we all know it. Now, what are we going to do about it? Well, we can get and keep these small pleasures under control. If there seem to be none on a daily basis, we can squeeze some of these moments in our daily schedule (but not too many… that’s how addictions are created).

If you’re a movie fan, I highly recommend this movie because it shows how our experiences form our mentality and behavior.

How do you see the importance of small pleasures?


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49 thoughts on ““Small pleasures are important”

  1. I whole-heartedly agree. Small pleasures should be recognized and embraced. I feel they are the essence of a happy and content life.

  2. For me, a small pleasure which developed in an addiction is smoking, I need to reduce that, so thanks for the kind warning. I watch a 20 minute TV show. Take a hot shower. Read a few passages from a favorite book. Drink a cup of coffee (another addiction alert!) I watch a film in the evening. Stare at my personal library which took last two years to build and is aesthetically compelling. There are many small pleasures I enjoy, but the problem is that some can become troublesome addictions. Nevertheless, I appreciate your post, I will expand my “small pleasure” list. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much! I see some very productive “small pleasures”, so you’re on the right track! I guess that if you set some objectives to limit the smoking and the coffee, it would be helpful for you 🙂

  3. I think life is too short to not find pleasure in everyday. Every morning (or later in the day if I’m short on time) I find time to practice yoga. It helps me enjoy life more and be prepared for whatever the day may throw at me. I also find small pleasure in making dinner for my family, writing more of my novel and reading poetry. Too many people spend all week waiting for the weekend, all year waiting for their vacation, etc., small pleasures are crucial in life!

  4. simple pleasures are the best. I believe that abstinence from certain pleasures definitely serves to heighten the experience when allowing them ..such as NOT having that donut for 6 months and then siting down quietly somewhere alone to enjoy one slowly. But i do agree with ellieejay(above) that there should be pleasures in every day as well, lest we fall into lustful desire for “the weekend” or “vacation” or “a holiday” wherein we tend to over indulge foolishly. Breathing crisp clean air, sipping hot coffee with just the right amount of cream, an awesome meditation session, or just being grateful for something randomly- like electricity..this make everyday “living your bliss” instead of following it or placing it under a timeframe…namaste!

  5. Gratitude is important when it comes to happiness and feeling fulfilled. Tell the Universe all that you’re grateful for, allow yourself to indulge in these small pleasures (within reason of course), and express happiness for them. Thank you for this message! 🙌✌

  6. Small pleasures are very important! An awareness of the relativity associated with small pleasures is also so very important. Those treats I define as small pleasures are beyond the reach of some and everyday necessities to others. It is a sliding scale. An open appreciation of all we have is a good place to start.

      1. When I was writing my reply I had in mind a small box of 4 rather expensive chocolates. I wouldn’t usually splurge the way I did, but it was near the holidays. I started thinking about how special treats are sometimes too special to justify. When you asked me for examples, I started thinking some more and wondered if it applied only to purchased goods, but time spent indulging oneself (in a long walk, bike ride, deep reading session) is also sometimes too costly when balanced against the needs of family and friends.

  7. I have a gratitude journal to help focus exactly on these! The little things every day that bring joy.

      1. I was given a journal as a gift last a few years ago, and that seemed like an easy way to start using it. Then it just continued on 😊

  8. When it comes to simple pleasures, I am, in a word, obsessed. Life is so much sweeter when you take a moment to enjoy the “little things”:
    -Singing in the car
    -Applying your favorite lip gloss
    -Laughing hysterically at your favorite TV show
    The list goes on! 🕊

  9. In my opinion, a small pleasure is anything that gives your senses a boost. It could be an image, a smell, a taste, a feeling, a sound, or a thought. No, why measure it for length or intensity. That’s not enjoyment, that’s work. Just have at it whatever it may be, and don’t compare. It’s just something for you to be pleasured by, and when you let yourself go, and really get into it, I suspect it’s gonna be good!!!

  10. Often we are waiting in life for the big things. But we will be missing the small pleasures in between. And in life we don’t always get the big ones daily , or weekly or monthly. But there’s always something in each day that we can eat grateful and happy about. Small pleasures indeed are important

  11. The secret to appreciating small pleasures is having the sensitivity to be aware when something is pleasuring us. Most people are so busy and “dead” and preoccupied that they don’t have working “receptors,” meaning that they aren’t aware enough to perceive pleasure. If we don’t notice pleasure, does it really exist? We have to be open to feeling and experiencing it. This means we have to get out of our heads, leave worries behind, and really be careful observers. We have to take note of what’s going on around us and discerning enough to know what giving us pleasure and what’s not.

      1. This is why I find the encouragement of mindfulness to be so important. In this world we live in, it’s really hard to be “present” and rooted in the here and now.

  12. What an interesting thought! Simple pleasures are definitely important. They help you to slow down and enjoy the moment. They also give you a sense of gratitude for the simple things in life. I love sitting in a coffee shop, taking time out from the busyness of this world. (I was recently given the ‘Two Popes’ book. I’m now looking forward to reading it.)
    – Nick

  13. We need to learn to enjoy the small things in life rather than waiting for something big to happen.
    Fantastic post!!

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