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Starting from a comment Viola Bleu posted on one of my writings, I began skating the internet (I don’t surf because I don’t know how to swim), to get more insights about this idea that we are becoming what we’re surrounding ourselves with. Why is this happening? It’s happening because whatever we have around us becomes familiar and we like familiar things. The more familiar they are, the harder a change can occur. Most of us don’t like change and if we have a negative mindset, a positive change can create negative emotions.

We’re like water. If we’re hot water and we encounter lots of cold water, we’ll start to cool down as well. But if we’re cold and we’re surrounded with hot water, we’ll start to warm up. Imagine being the only positive person in a room and you’re stuck with five negative ones. What do you think it’s going to happen? They will become more positive or you’ll become more negative (I know that if your energy can overcome the other five, you’ll be ok, but let’s assume you all have the same level of energy)?

Lots of successful people say that they had to let go some people even though it was hard because they felt they couldn’t evolve in that environment. Imagine trying to run while having your feet tied to a big rock. You could barely go forward. But if instead of a big rock, you are tied up to a big rocket? You will not run, but you would f*ckin’ fly!

I believe we should be careful about what we’re surrounding ourselves with. The big rock might be the useless things we do all day or the negative people around us. The rocket might be the books we’re reading and the things we’re hearing and seeing.

No matter how clean the water is, if we start throwing sh*t in it, it’s just a matter of time until it becomes a sh*tty water!

If you look around, how satisfied are you with your current environment?

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  1. I’ve seen many success chasing books and speakers the last couple of years say the same thing. Statistically we’re almost guaranteed to stay in the same demographics as the five people closest to us.

  2. I actually made a concerted effort to surround myself with different people. Not just because of negativity but also in regards to success. You are who you choose to surround yourself with for sure!

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