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When you think about your life, what thoughts come to you? What about when you think about life in general? What’s the difference between those two perspectives?

I’m now wondering if the feelings I have when I consider the worst parts of my life are the same with other people’s feelings. There are people on this earth that consider losing their phone being the worst thing that could happen to them. Yes, it might sound a little strange, but that’s what they feel. And when it happens, they really feel it! There are people on this earth that consider losing their best friend being the worst thing that could happen to them. The feelings might be similar even though one situation appears to be more important than the other.

The worst thing that could happen to me is to lose my wife. I feel I can endure everything as long as she is with me. And this gives me strength, lots of it. This is because that not a single sh*tty thing that can happen during any day can compare to that perspective. However, when someone considers the worst thing that can happen to him/her is to lose their phone, their “pain tolerance” might be low. How would they react if they lose someone close to them? How would they react if they go through an accident of some sort?

I believe that what we consider the worst creates our pain tolerance and we unconsciously compare our daily sh*ts to that. We are capable of more, but our beliefs are the ones that limit us.

In your opinion, what’s the worst thing that could happen to you?

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  1. I’ve been mulling over a parallel thought the last few days
    Been a huge fan of Prince Harry and Megan Markle since they popped up as a couple a few years ago, and have been watching how their popularity has gone the other way with their recent documentary during their Africa Trip
    Then there is our maid who works for my mum. She has severe spinal deformities but never misses a single day of work, inspite of being in constant pain. She wears pretty jewellery and dresses really nicely.

    I think “the worst thing” is a conjecture for people who can afford to indulge in such things …. maybe to make us feel alive, grateful, vital? I don’t know

    There are actually people living right bang in the middle of “the worst thing I can imagine for myself” (which is losing my mum or my health) and they are just going about their lives

      1. I agree
        And then there is reality and attitude isn’t there?
        Why am I searching for worst case scenario to compare with the actual present reality in order to “feel” something akin to “relief”(?)
        I would love to live in the middle of life, just living, nothing else
        What about u? Why do u think the way u do?

      2. Stuff is always going to happen. A friend of mine who suffers from severe depression gave me a line to live by… don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things. It works.

      3. Because I believe the quality of our life is decided by the quality of our thoughts and beliefs. With a shift up-there our life can dramatically improve.

      4. Don’t u think that thinking ur life needs dramatic improvement means u’re not living in the now? But comparing now with an imagined “better” something else?
        Don’t get me wrong, everything u’re typing feels like me answering to me 😊
        What is so bad with the quality of things just the way they are, that I have to believe my thoughts or projections or emotions (which are so ephemeral anyway) instead of immersing myself in reality?

        I have a sneaky suspicion that I don’t know how to live in actual reality. I can only live in the perception of it

      5. It’s nothing wrong with the quality of things as long as you’re satisfied with the way things are and as long as that doesn’t stop you to “fight” for the better.

  2. I don’t think I have a ‘worst thing’. I’ve had some pretty poopy stuff happen in my life… mother died in my arms, some bloke tried to rape me, been homeless, I got a disase that made me disabled etc., but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how bad things get, there is always something I can do to either cope with the situation or change it. I guess the worst thing would be dropping dead.

    1. I’m very sorry to hear about the things you had to go through, but I’m very happy you managed to search and find a light at the end of the tunnel. Too many people can’t find that…

      1. This is very true. I’m not sorry about it, made me the person I am. They weren’t pleasant at the time, but as a writer, it gives me plenty of emotional material to draw on to make my writing more real. Silver lining.

  3. The worst thing that could happen to me would be a debilitating illness that would force me to rely on others for daily life tasks.

  4. I believe I have been through a lot so far in my life but I’m not going to go into that but the one thing that would push me to the edge of no return is if my son were to lose his life before I lose my own. I believe one of the worst things that anyone could endure is having to bury their child.

  5. Life experiences make a huge disparity in what is considered bearable. Losing a child would be something I’m not sure I could handle. Everything else would pass in time

  6. Hmm. The worst thing that could happen to me already did. So I suppose I’m the lucky one as I don’t have a worst thing now 😜 Maybe you would say I need to think of a second one?
    But I wanted to drop by and say how I think it’s lovely your wife is the one person you would not want to be without and you consider her to be such an asset to your life!

      1. When I was nursing there was only ONE thing I saw that I dreaded the idea of ‘getting’, which was a degenerative and incurable neurological disease (MS) that strips you of your independence.
        Then I got it and the first thing it took was my independence which meant my nursing career, something I had fought long and hard to get in the first place.
        I still hate having MS and don’t think I’ll get adjust to the limitations of having to rely on other people or be unable to do what I so much enjoyed doing, and I feel terribly like I let my loved ones down all the time and am a burden to them…. oh, and, when I’m tired It’s like I have dementia which is humiliating…. so yeah. Getting MS and losing my independence was the one thing I dreaded the idea of and it happened to me in the prime of life!
        (I’m okay though, despite it – just had to add that!)

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