The World-Ruler

pointless overthinking rephrasing
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

*Attention! This is going to be a brutal post!*

From all the things we have in this world, there is one that rules them all (and no, it’s not the one ring). There is something that has the ability to control anything and anyone, if leveraged correctly. People tend to do anything for this, regardless if it’s moral or not, if it’s a good thing or not, if it impacts others or not.

Besides this control it has over everything, it also has the ability to f*ck with our minds. It makes us question our decisions and our behavior. For the last couple of months, it bounces on and off my mind and it makes me question my work. I’m wondering if I should concentrate my “extra time” on writing or if I should do some freelancing stuff or if I should buy useless things or not. It keeps making me question if I’ll ever be to that point of freedom and what I can do to get there.

Yeah, you probably guessed it: the world-ruler is money. And yes, it’s horrible, but that’s how it is (if you don’t believe me, try buying food and groceries with nice attitude instead of money or try paying your bills with kindness). Because of this horrible situation, some people have horrible behavior just to get it.

But as horrible as it is, money can do great things as well. Just like a hammer. It can be used to build a house or it can be use to crack a head. It’s the handling hand’s decision (of course, people are not willing to do horrible things to get as much hammers as they want, but you got the point!).

Even though above I mentioned it’s horrible that money rule this world, it’s actually not so horrible. The horrible part is what people are willing to do to get them. That’s the terrifying part. And furthermore, the lack of a clear path in this world is what push people on the edge and that’s where money have the biggest power to control someone.

“Money and Success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.” – Will Smith

Bottom line, money can bring the best of people or the worst of them. That’s why money is the world-ruler.

How many of your decisions are somehow controlled by money?


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19 thoughts on “The World-Ruler

  1. Sadly, to be honest, money affects most day-to-day decisions in my life. What are we going to eat for supper, can we afford to see the doctor now if it’s really not an urgent matter, will the fuel in my car last this week etc etc etc.
    There are plenty of things I could do to have more, and be comfortable enough to NOT have those day-to-day questions/considerations/stresses.
    BUT there are also things that I am unwilling to sacrifice, and so they trump the need for ‘more’ money. I won’t disrespect myself or others to gain it; I won’t give more of my time accumulating it and thus causing relationships, and my availability to nurture those, for it; and I won’t stop giving to others in order to have more for myself.
    But loving money and making it the priority in your life certainly is a darn evil thing!

  2. This is so true. It’s the way in which money is used which is the problem. People who use money to oppress others are merely using it as a tool to act out what’s truly in their hearts. Great post!

  3. Thank you for sharing!.. having a limited income (retired) at the moment does affect my spending but money itself does not dictate my wishes but are one of many tools I use to follow my dreams… 🙂

  4. Hey, Bogdan! Check out my recent post “Quality of Life Is All that Really Matters.” You’ll find a direct relation between that post and the one you’ve put together here. By the way, f*** money!

  5. I have claimed my first principle is philosophy. But until I do my plan of jumping into the beauty of actuality –which is what philosophy studies– and giving up my economic standing, then I cannot be a “philosopher”. But I will be just a money mongrel! Great observation (and this is not so much “pointless overthinking” in my opinion: it is good thinking.) But in my imagination (and maybe someday) I plan to be a philosopher and unbound to money.

  6. Far too many – because food and rent and heat don’t get “paid” for with kindness or a nice smile. I’m utterly and thoroughly sick of it, and of being in debt because we need things like medical care and an education.

    1. If more than 50% of students take debts for education and more than 50% of them turns out to be bad debts, then the concerned education system seems to have a serious issue as an imbalance of economics w.r.t. the earnings of the students’ family.

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