The eye-opening decision

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Believe it or not, we live most our lives blind. Of course, I’m not talking from a biological perspective, but from a perspective perspective.

The fact that we live our own life has both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that we control most of it (even more with huge courage). The biggest disadvantage is that we get stuck in one perspective: our own, and when we see other perspectives, we’ll automatically tend to reject them just because we’re not familiar with them, therefore those perspectives don’t seem real.

Our reality is created by familiar things. This is why the denial phase exists. At the beginning, people cannot cope with changes because those changes are not familiar, so they don’t know how to behave in those new circumstances. In time, as they become familiar, people will slowly accept them.

For me, the eye-opening decision is the decision to live with the idea that multiple perspectives exist and that I’m not familiar with all of them. Therefore, I try to think outside the box (the box being my perspective) and to live as anything can happen anytime. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I should stay alerted all the time. I’m just not as surprised anymore as I used to be when sh*t happens. I get pissed and upset, but I accept the sh*t right from the start and I deal with it even though I don’t like it.

I say this is eye-opening because I don’t refuse to see the sh*t, a thing that I did in the past. I hate it and I eat it. This also allows me to live more in the present and less in the past or in the future.

Yes, it’s not a “bulletproof strategy”, but I think it’s better than the alternative because it allows me to have a better understanding of other people’s behavior and it also enhances my empathy. And so far, it suits me well, even though I have to admit I’m wrong all the time so I can challenge my views.

How open are you to new perspectives?

11 thoughts on “The eye-opening decision

  1. The universe literally forced me to change my perspective. Everything I did always went wrong. I decided to change my perspective and did something out of my comfort zone. Been a smooth sailing since then.

  2. Interesting and insightful piece😊

    The eye opening decision to be open to other perspectives- a true decision to stand by with a world where so many biases are now running amok more so now than ever.

    We have to be mindful and although exhausting especially when others perspevtived can be tiresome or single minded or hateful or exhausting- we can either fall victim or manage our spirits to withstand it. Wear sword and shield to face what’s coming at you. Pray for grounding to counteract the antipathy so we can be strong enough to empathize.

    It’s tough, man.

  3. I just love your writing. I like to believe that I think out if the box too. I used to have a very bad temper. Then I started to try and understand where and why things happen or why someone does something. That made my life much easier.

  4. Compassion is half the battle – we all have had different experiences in our lives. Accepting that, and then truly listening, and asking real questions, not just throwing your own rhetoric at someone, makes life a lot easier. I may not understand fully what it’s like to someone else, but I can respect (usually) where they come from.

  5. Thank you for sharing this eye-opening and interesting message. It turns out that fear and certainty are linked together. Fear makes everything uncertain certain until it turns into “I am right you are wrong shut up!”. So, it is either

    F ace
    E verything
    A nd
    R ise


    F orget
    E verything
    A nd
    R un.

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