The Struggle of Writing

The Story Matters Most – Guest Post
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I should say that I’m currently working on a new book, but if I’m honest, I must admit that I’m not working on it at all. The sad part is that the most of it is done since May this year and I haven’t open any of the documents ever since.

Why? That’s a great question! I don’t really know why… maybe it’s because I don’t believe in it and in its impact. I mean, it’s a book with 365 questions… what good can it do?

On the other hand, I started writing it for a reason… I believed it can bring some clarity in people’s lives and I still do believe that, so maybe it’s not a problem of believing in it’s impact, but more of not knowing what to do now…

I have to do the introduction, I have to come up with a title (which is the hardest part), I have to work on designing the covers and I have to arrange everything so it looks awesome. The good thing is that all 365 questions are done.

I believe that writing is a struggle when you forget your goals. That’s pretty much it. When you can visualize the end, you’ll do whatever it takes to get there, but if the end gets all blurry, your path becomes blurry too and fear crawls its way and it clouds your judgement even more…

Writing is awesome! Do it! Love it! Don’t be afraid to overdose!

What do you do when your writing goals become all blurry?


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29 thoughts on “The Struggle of Writing

  1. Congratulations on pushing out another project, Bogdan😊

    To answer your question…I myself haven’t looked at my book (which was written two summers ago) to edit still; it haunts me everyday though and I kick myself harder for not devoting or at least finding some time to get back into it. I actually have another project where it’s anthology of my works, there are complete but…I have a title and everything but…

    It’s a struggle. Its fear of rejection, loathing of my “talent”, lack of energy (Mom life and still trying to find balance with my work life), and cowardice. I keep telling myself all writers go through the love-hate process of writing but I get those moments when I’m leaning more toward the hate side.


    1. Thank you very much! Yes, it’s a struggle and the struggle it’s with ourselves… we need to manage our emotions and fears and beliefs… that’s the only real blocker.

  2. My writing goals get blurry when am dealing with self esteem issues (self doubt especially). I find myself focusing more on how the other people may perceive me and my feelings and perspectives.

    So I spend more time writing for myself, I journal, just to express the emotions, vision, fears and plans. And I spend time doing other things like dancing, taking photos, hanging out with friends and consuming all kinds of creative content.

      1. Hmmm, this year one major time for like 2 months, but in between i will have small hiccups for a like a day tops, then am back on track.

  3. I say go for it. Do whatever it is you got to do to get the book finished and out there. If you can run a successful blog you can finish a book, especially seeing how you got the majority of the writing done.

  4. Ur book’s name could be “Know-sy” like a pun on “nosey” because of all the questions? 😬

    Congratulations by the way 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    Has it occurred to u that u may be suffering from a type of “post partum depression”?
    Creating an idea, growing it inside and birthing a book …. and now that it’s all done and outside of u, there’s space inside that was occupied by ideas and plans and purpose – it’s easy to think that this is “empty” instead of “newly repurposed space for expansion”

    Why not try therapy to help u through this? And the next time u embark on a creative endeavour, make sure u have many other interests and purposes in the wing, to take the place of the work after it gets released into the world?

    Good luck 😊👍🏼

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! That’s a very clever name for a book! I’m not sure if I suffer from a type of “post partum depression”, but I do know that I have so many ideas that I feel paralyzed by the thought that I can’t act upon them all…

  5. I appreciate you sharing your challenges with the writing of your book. I, too, am having some current struggles with closing out my second book. I’m still hoping to get it self-published the first part of next year, but the struggles are real. I didn’t experience such a tug-of-war with my first book, but maybe that was because I was more naive (still very green) in the self-publishing world.

    I’m still a newbie author and have a lot to learn, but I think I’ve gained more knowledge of the writing process and am holding myself to a higher standard in my writing. I now truly understand how powerful and impactful words can be to those who hear or read them.

    So, I wish you the best in pressing forward and bringing your book into fruition, because what the world may need right about now is your 365 questions. Thanks again for sharing.

  6. I have been enjoying answering your questions, some I answered in the comments, some I answered quietly in my mind, some I still struggle to find the answers even to myself.. the right question when reach the right person at the right time, you may unconsciously help someone. Sometimes all we need is someone to ask us the right question to find the out what we are really searching ..😊. Looking forward to your book and all the 365 questions!

  7. Hi Bogdan,
    You say that you are disappointed in yourself for not working on your book project. Your first book hit on important topics that affect everyone and your blog posts have many followers. So, how about completing at least one question a day? Perhaps at a certain time. Without judging your work, just getting it out. Routines might help you. You also could just drop the project and eliminate the pressure. Your words show me that you don’t really want to do that, though.

    1. Hi Reg,
      Thank you very much for your kind words! You’re right, I don’t want to drop the project, especially when I’m so close to finish it! I will find a way! 🙂

  8. Hi, Bogdan. You’ve presented an interesting situation. You wouldn’t have started the book if you didn’t want to complete it, but now that it’s mostly done, you are sort of paralyzed or are procrastinating or something. Perhaps it’s not your goals that are blurry. Perhaps something about the project is bothering you? Perhaps you know something about the book doesn’t quite work or needs revision and this knowing part of you realizes that you need to pause, to ruminate, to look and think again, to give yourself time to figure out what feels wrong and why. Often, when I write something and then balk at publishing it, I know that something doesn’t feel quite right. Writing is one of those creative acts that requires CAUTION because language is such a hard tool to use. We think we’ve used it well and the job feels done, but then something stops us from going forward. You say you haven’t looked at the manuscript for quite some time. That’s really a great way to get fresh eyes on it once you look again. I bet, once you revisit the project, that you see it in a new light and you have all sorts of epiphanies about how to finish and/or revise and such as that. Good luck!

    1. Thank you very much, Troy! Yes, I need to revisit it with fresh eyes. Maybe the fact that my first book didn’t “performed” as hoped is what bothers and stops me know, even though I know it shouldn’t. Anyway, I won’t drop the project. I’ll make it happen 🙂

  9. Keep going…it’ll be worth it. 🙂

    Every so often I hit the blockers and I just walk away until I get some inspiration…it seems to work for me and often is at times when I’ve got my characters stuck in a scenario I need to puzzle them out of. Makes it fun! 😄

  10. I understand completely what you mean.
    I started writing my first book in Dec 2016, I thought I’d publish it the next year, after two years gone by I realized the book needs more than I already have, as it’s my autobiography and I was 21.
    I decided to keep updating the book while I start another one which I had anticipated will be quicker and easier. In all consideration it is, but then the doubts started filing in, I have a reason and a goal and a name for my book. But the doubts are what if this is not as sensible as I think it is? What if it is not as important to the world after all? What if my arrangement of the book sucks? What if?
    More importantly, can I afford to publish a book?
    This was a book I wanted to gift it’s completion on my 22nd birthday to myself. Birthday was in April, book isn’t completed.
    I have not given up on any of my books, but I’m not practically working on them either.

    Writing is enjoyable and makes me feel alive when I’m on it, but it can be so difficult to get back to after it’s been abandoned for long.

  11. I don’t think you will know the impact without going for it. The impact (or lack of it) that you mention is just in your mind. Get it out and see its real impact. Also, I think it is a great idea and it will have an impact:)

  12. I’m interested in your book but I’m put off by the adult language restriction. I noted the same on your posts and I wonder if the raw language is really necessary? I know it isn’t edgy anymore. University professors teach courses about how foul language is good and shows intelligence. I for one think it shows a lack of words (low vocabulary).

    1. I believe the raw language it is necessary because it is extremely important to understand that we have only one life. Raw words are powerful and they have a better way to carry emotion than any other linguistic structure (for me, at least). However, I also have a version of my book in which the raw language has been removed and replaced ->

  13. I just published my 1st book on Amazon Kindle. I’m having trouble with the title but im already thinking about my next books although i haven’t sold a single copy yet because the book is currently available on kindle unlimited only

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