A life of great variety

This is an interview with Hanne Kristin Rohde, the former police chief of Oslo. She worked in the police for 25 years, the first 5 years as a police prosecutor, and the last 20 years as a manager. In 11 of these years at the senior management level; from 2008-2014 as police inspector and head of the Section for violent and sexual crimes in Oslo Police District. Continue reading A life of great variety

red crab

Why To Be Successful You Should Stay Away From Crabs

Do you know that if you put a crab in a bucket, it can run away, but if you put together a group of crabs in a bucket, none of them can escape, because as soon as one will start climbing, another will reach it, grab it and pull it down? Some people are like those crabs. They push you down, while others pull you … Continue reading Why To Be Successful You Should Stay Away From Crabs

Successful People – Dan Lok

It’s been a while since I wrote a Successful People post. Although we both know that the definition of success is different from one person to another, there are some common core aspects throughout all of the definitions of success and they are all related to our perspective. I believe that Dan Lok is a successful person because of his perseverance over the years. He … Continue reading Successful People – Dan Lok

Make mistakes! – Video

   “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill    But how? What can we do to keep our enthusiasm whenever we encounter some sort of failure or when we make mistakes? How can we handle all those negative emotions like guilt and shame? I believe this is actually the key for success (in this context, I’m referring to success … Continue reading Make mistakes! – Video

Successful People – Bob Proctor

   “Bob Proctor is an American Author, Motivational speaker, and success coach who travels the world preaching how people can utilize the Law of Attraction to their own benefit. Proctor has written numerous books and has been featured in The Secret.” – Everipedia    He is one of the people that mostly talk about how important our mindset is and what we can do to … Continue reading Successful People – Bob Proctor

Successful People – Will Smith

   Will Smith is an American producer, rapper, comedian, songwriter and my favourite actor of all times. I find him successful for the mindset and the work ethics he has, not necessarily for the income he has, although it is an indication for the first two.    In a negative world, it is awesome to be a positive beacon that guides you, me and all … Continue reading Successful People – Will Smith

Successful People – T.D. Jakes

   Today we have a pastor in tha’ house! Bishop T.D. Jakes is also an author and a filmmaker who has some motivational speeches from time to time. Just as with Eric Thomas, I love the energy he uses to transmit his message. I believe he manages to successfully combine religion with practicality because he often says how we should trust God’s plan whilst pushing … Continue reading Successful People – T.D. Jakes

Successful People – J. K. Rowling

   You probably know Mrs. Rowling as the creator of the Harry Potter series. Of course that made her very successful, but that’s not the reason I’m naming her here. I love her mindset and the way she managed to go forward despite her fears.    It’s interesting to see how she’s seeing herself. She says that she is very insecure and this means she … Continue reading Successful People – J. K. Rowling

Successful People – Eric Thomas

   Eric Thomas is a speaker, author and a minister whose work is to inspire and push people reach their next level. At some point in his life, he was homeless for about two years until he met a preacher that determined him to go back to school. It seems that the right words can make a huge difference in someone’s life.    His level … Continue reading Successful People – Eric Thomas

Successful People – Stephen King

   Stephen King is one of the most known writers out there. Many of his writings have been picked up and transformed into films or TV series. Besides his writings, I’m fascinated about his ideas about what can we do to get better.    As you’ll see in the below video, Mr. King has a strong belief that we need to enjoy whatever we do … Continue reading Successful People – Stephen King

Successful People – Tai Lopez

   This guy is an entrepreneur which owns 20 multi-million dollar businesses (you can read more about him here), but that’s not the reason I’m naming him here. He gets to be in my Successful People category because of the mindset he has. I love the fact that most of these rich folks had almost no intention in getting rich (at least, that’s what they … Continue reading Successful People – Tai Lopez

Successful People – George R. R. Martin

   You probably know this guy. He’s the creator of A Song of Ice and Fire book series after which the TV show Game Of Thrones has been made (you can read more about him here). He has an amazing imagination, which he used to make our lives better by provoking us to enter a world both tough and wonderful.    I find him successful … Continue reading Successful People – George R. R. Martin

Successful People – Tony Robbins

   Tony Robbins is an American author, entrepreneur and one of the most known motivational speakers out there (you can read more about this guy here). His self-help books helped lots of people to go through tough moments. I love about him the fact that he is proud of the life he had so far and he embraced each obstacle he encountered. That’s a winning … Continue reading Successful People – Tony Robbins

The Material Status Quo

   Thanks to theenchantedlabyrinth’s comments I’ve started to think about how we’re seeing material things as signs of how important someone is in society. Apparently, the more money and possessions someone has, the more important that person is. I believe we got this all wrong.    It is true that most successful and important people have lots of money and lots of possessions and that’s … Continue reading The Material Status Quo

Successful People – Casey Neistat

   This guy is an YouTuber and a filmmaker with a very interesting perspective about life and how we should live it. As so many other successful people, he expresses the idea of how important it is for people to be different and to follow their own path without trying to fit in. Actually, this is necessary because without crazy people with crazy ideas, we … Continue reading Successful People – Casey Neistat

Successful People – Seth Godin

   Seth Godin is an American author and entrepreneur. His book Linchpin was named by Business Week one of the 20 best books by the most influential thinkers in business (Wikipedia). I must admit I haven’t read any of his books, but I’ve watched this episode of Impact Theory and I got inspired to search for more things about this guy.    If you look … Continue reading Successful People – Seth Godin

Successful People – Tom Bilyeu

   Tom Bilyeu is an American entrepreneur known as a co-founder of Quest Nutrition and also for creating and hosting the podcast Impact Theory where he brings other entrepreneurs to get their insights about things. He comes from a morbid obese family and the idea of losing the ones he loves the most gave him the motivation to find something to fix it and that’s … Continue reading Successful People – Tom Bilyeu