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   This guy is an entrepreneur which owns 20 multi-million dollar businesses (you can read more about him here), but that’s not the reason I’m naming him here. He gets to be in my Successful People category because of the mindset he has. I love the fact that most of these rich folks had almost no intention in getting rich (at least, that’s what they say). They just have a dream, they make up a plan and they execute it.

   Let’s get back to Mr. Lopez and his mindset. If you do some search on YouTube, you’ll see lots of videos where he shows his cars and his house and luxury things. Hold your thoughts and wait for the motive: he does it as a part of the educational process. Why? Because that’s what most of the people want so it’s a great strategy to draw the attention. After he draws the attention with all that bling-bling, he tries to teach what it takes to get them. Things like reading books, putting in tons of work and things like that are mandatory parts of the process of getting those bling-blingy stuff.

   Our educational system doesn’t know how to draw the attention and that’s partly because the things that are taught there are not that interesting nor useful as it could and he knows that. He shows that there is no easy win in life and because of this, lots of things are required in order to get where people what to. Most of the people don’t even know where they want to go… they just want the expensive stuff. That’s ok too, I guess, but the work is still required.

   You can find below a video made by Evan Carmichael with his view about Top 10 Rules for Success that Tai Lopez applies in his life.

   My favorite rule is #6 (Invest in yourself). Since our lives start with us, it makes perfect sense for us to start improving our lives with improving ourselves. What’s your favorite rule?

6 thoughts on “Successful People – Tai Lopez

  1. I know these people always SAY they weren’t in it to get rich, but… COME ON!! I’m pretty sure that’s in the back of EVERYONE’S mind when they do things!! Even if it’s not to get “rich” per se… It’s AT LEAST to get “comfortable” it’s not like people say “I’m just going to do (insert dream here) for no money so I can work a mundane job all my life!” 😉😂

    1. I’m sure it’s in the back of everyone’s mind, but what was the main goal or purpose? We have no way to know that for sure, have we?

  2. I took a few courses and the content was well worth the money. Im currently enrolled in the amazon blueprint, I just wrote a article about the pros & cons about it for anyone that might be interested

  3. Best video, and the funniest regarding this guy, was when others did joke / skit videos of his infamous ‘What’s in my garage’ video. I had never heard of him before that.
    In any case thanks for checking out a recent post. Glad you enjoyed it.

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