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   Eric Thomas is a speaker, author and a minister whose work is to inspire and push people reach their next level. At some point in his life, he was homeless for about two years until he met a preacher that determined him to go back to school. It seems that the right words can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

   His level of energy is unbelievable and when I listen to him, I feel energized as well. I must say, the ideas he talks about are not new, but the way he addresses them is unique. He cuts the bullsh*t and goes straight to the point even though it can be hurtful.

   You can find below a video made by Evan Carmichael with his view about Top 10 Rules for Success that Eric Thomas applies in his life.

   I love his rule number 4 (Don’t be average). I believe that we all need to be grateful for what we have in life (practicing gratitude is one important factor for a better life), but we also need to want more because we can. We have the required resources to go to lion mode so we can be better than average which eventually can increase that average level so it actually is a work in progress. We are learning machines so we can use this skill to acquire information that can push us forward.

   What do you think about these rules and which one is your favorite one?

7 thoughts on “Successful People – Eric Thomas

  1. Because of the Great Fire wall I can’t have access to this video. What a pity!
    But I agree with you. In fact all of us have known the principles, tips and advice that the great people say. It all comes down to how they express and interpret them. Some make them cliche while some make them really inspiring and touching!

    1. I hope that you’ll find a way to see it because it really is interesting to see the points Mr. Thomas makes. And yes, the style is at least as important as the message.

  2. I agree that being average is equivalent to mediocrity. My passion is to create a new Breed of Drivers to knock down Highway Fatality statistics, by Driving everyday like your Life depends on it. Being an average Driver don’t allow you to compensate for bad Drivers. Being always vigilant and astute save Lives. The Video is definitely Passionate and inspiring, Eric tells the truth.

  3. The road to success requires a driven, energized, goal-setting plan of action by the person who wants to succeed. It is important to give people the tools they need in order to renew their own thinking to this new ‘self-talk’ which is positive, ready, and winning. Determining success is different for every person; great writers are successful when they reach a goal in their published work, athletes are successful when they go to the final round in a season of play, and welders are successful everyday they complete their expected repairs or creations without mistakes or safety hazards.
    Who defines success? The individual, of course.
    If every child could be raised to believe in themselves with confidence and without judgement which lowers self-esteem, then everyone could certainly reach success.
    Being successful is teaching someone they have what it takes. Showing them they matter and are successful if they give it their best effort. Dispell any learned behaviors which hinder reaching goals.
    Knowing your passion, wanting to achieve a goal, and making it happen embody success as it is dicussed in these posts. Teach others to find their passion, seek a goal, and go for it – that is success at it’s finest. But then again, that is my idea of success.
    Find your passion and give it your whole self – that is success.

    1. What an awesome insight! Thank you for sharing! Yes, success is different from one person to another and in order to reach it, we need to know what it represents for us. After that, it’s a process of finding the required resources to get there.

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