Successful People – J. K. Rowling

   You probably know Mrs. Rowling as the creator of the Harry Potter series. Of course that made her very successful, but that’s not the reason I’m naming her here. I love her mindset and the way she managed to go forward despite her fears.

   It’s interesting to see how she’s seeing herself. She says that she is very insecure and this means she has a low self-esteem. She isn’t confident enough in lots of areas including in her writings while writing, but somehow she found enough strength to fight for her work even though all the publishers in UK refused to publish her books. Can you imagine how tough can be for someone with low self-esteem to go forward after he/she got rejected multiple times?

   It’s probably because her passion and motivation were bigger than that fear. Many times, when we see someone doing some crazy things we assume that person has no fear. Actually, that person has tons of fear, but that person also has something stronger than fear. I believe this is what we need in our daily lives so we can move through fear. We need something stronger than it and that something differs from one person to another.

   You can find below a video made by Evan Carmichael with his view about Top 10 Rules for Success that J. K. Rowling applies in her life.

   My favorite rule is #1 (Failure Helps You Discover Yourself) because there will always be some sort of failure since we’re no expert at anything. It’s part of the learning process. Don’t get me wrong, it is painful, but I think we spend too much time avoiding pain and guess what, anything can be painful. It’s up to us to decide what we’re going to do with that pain.

   What do you have that is more powerful than your fear?

17 thoughts on “Successful People – J. K. Rowling

  1. My fear is overruled by the greater fear – terror, even – of getting to the end of my life and wishing I hadn’t let fear stop me from doing what I really wanted to do.

      1. The terror of leaving this life without ever having really lived. That terror is far greater than the fear of relatively minor failures, rejections, etc. It drives me to take chances I would never have taken back in the days when I thought I had all the time in the world left.

  2. I’m not worried about fear. I’m too meta for that. Hahaha. My individual sins have a stronger grasp on me than fear. I’m very comfortable where I am. I don’t enjoy unnecessary incessant changing everything all the time. But I’m not afraid of it

    1. That’s great! You find strength in your experiences. You are stronger than you used to be and since you already overcame lots of difficulties when you weren’t as strong as now, almost nothing can stop you from now on.

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