Successful People – Malcolm Gladwell

   This guy is a journalist, a writer and a speaker who worked for The New Yorker as a part of the writing staff since 1996 (you can read more about him here).

   What I love about him is the fact that he has a very open mind and he is in a continuous search to get better at whatever he’s doing and that he constantly revises whatever he thinks he knows. He seems to have a great flexible mindset and for me, he seems to be ready for anything. Maybe I like him because he is a writer and through writing I want to help people (I guess this makes me some sort of a writer!?).

   You can find below a video made by Evan Carmichael with his view about Top 10 Rules for Success that Malcolm Gladwell applies in his life.

    What rule do you like the most? I love the rule no 4 because it expresses my core idea to question whatever we think we know.

13 thoughts on “Successful People – Malcolm Gladwell

  1. This man seems absolutely brilliant. I love people who are like this. I thought 1 and 10 were both really awesome but it was 8 that made me cry. I was near the ten year mark when I wrote my best story yet. I lost my joy for writing and stopped but I know I wrote consistently for ten years and no one could see my potential and after awhile I could no longer see it. What made me cry is I have felt like I was being held back and no one was meant to see my work. It was like not yet was being whispered in my ear. The thought that this was all preparation for something bigger and better makes me wonder what it to come.

    1. There are times when it seems that we’re losing our path and we need to remember why we’re doing what we were doing. Each side road is a learning experience, but we have to remember the main road.

  2. Gladwell has a pretty smart list in general, I think. For me, I am equally pulled to numbers 2, 8, and 10. I think flexibility is key especially when a challenge is more demanding, and I have found it to be true in my life that I was able to do unexpected things professionally (back before I became the fabulous stay at home mom I am today) because I recognized that outworking others could propel me. I think patience is a gift we should grant others and ourselves…when we are patient with ourselves especially, we can persevere through times when our performance at something may not be everything we desire. I hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂 Ariana

    1. I totally agree with what you said. It’s so hard to have patience in a world where most people want everything right in that second.

      1. Sometimes it helps me to be patient to think about what may be behind their impatience. And sometimes I’m not as patient as I would like to be with myself or others because my schedule is pretty intense and sometimes hard to manage. Because I know what was behind it when I fall short, I always hope people will be merciful when I apologize and try to fix whatever damage my surliness caused 🙂 so I try to lead with mercy when I can. I need mercy myself sometimes…I value patience, and I need to use a great deal of it on a daily basis, but I have not perfected this or anything else on that list 🙂

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