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   Will Smith is an American producer, rapper, comedian, songwriter and my favourite actor of all times. I find him successful for the mindset and the work ethics he has, not necessarily for the income he has, although it is an indication for the first two.

   In a negative world, it is awesome to be a positive beacon that guides you, me and all people towards the awesome possibilities out there, compared to gathering wealth by killing and cheating and bringing others down. It’s easy not to struggle, it’s easy to break the rules for the own comfort, it’s easy not to be nice, it’s easy to talk sh*t about everybody and everything. What’s hard is to find the silver lining in anything. It’s hard to be nice when someone behaves badly with you. It’s hard to show empathy in a selfish world because it will hurt sometimes. Apparently, it all goes to having an easy hateful life or a hard positive one (I say hard because it is a struggle to find positivity when it doesn’t seem to be any).

   Every time I hear Mr. Smith talking about life, I get inspired as f*ck because he represents a model for me thanks to his “sickening work ethic”. If we manage to make a habit out of pushing our limits, we’re pushing the possible outcome beyond its limits. If we give to our family an extra smile, they will be extra happy. If we do an extra set of push-ups, our muscles will extra grow. Is all about these little bits of extras that can make our life extra.

   You can find below a video made by Evan Carmichael with his view about Top 10 Rules for Success that Will Smith applies in his life.

   Each rule was my favourite until I got to the last one (“Ask Awesome Questions”) which stuck with me because it is one of the things I’m trying to do here, on Pointless Overthinking. Which rule do you resonate the most with?

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  1. I can’t watch the video because of my dodgy internet connection, but Will Smith is such an amazing person. So many people sit around and complain about how unfair life is – and yes, of course it is – but this guy just got off his ass and made things happen. He and Jim Carrey have great mindsets.

  2. I’m not watching the video. I prefer to read than watch. But I will talk about Will Smith!
    He is one of my heroes. Like Jim Carrey. And Robin Williams. Because of his positive philosophy and mind set. It’s beautiful you know? But he didn’t have an easy childhood. And that is what brought him to comedy. To laugh and shit. Bringing light to those otherwise dark places. And not preaching, just living and loving and leading by example. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air drew on his pain from his father leaving at childhood to give credibility to his performance. And he drew on his own desire to bring joy to others by not wallowing in his sadness.
    That’s what propelled him to greatness. By being loving and giving and sharing laughter.

    1. He somehow find the strength he needed in the shitty situation he was in. I love his quote that where you come from doesn’t matter. All it matters is where you’re going to.

  3. I only have one rule; it is my life, I am the only one that can live it, I will only get one try at it so I will be living it my way…. 🙂

    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
    ― Bernard M. Baruch

  4. This is a great post and you do ask awesome questions. Will is very inspirational, many of his positive videos make you want to be a better you so that fact alond deserves a high 5 in my book!

    My rule: I like to break through my fears.

    Thank you for sharing this uplifting post!

      1. If you really delve into the like of the secret, it basically says you bring on cancer etc even with your subconscious thoughts. I can’t believe that nonsense especially for children etc. I do believe if you are open to positive experiences you will be more likely to recognize them and generally be a magnet for more positive things in life

      2. I’m not so much into that “secret” idea because I believe that action is the ultimate decider.

  5. All successful people are surrounded by other successful people. Maybe not in the same field and not in the same way. But they’re all wonderful and inspiring people. They’re humble, even though they know their worth. And they’re giving out more than they’re getting back. Well, actually that’s it. Successful people give. That’s what they do, that’s how they function. That’s what makes them plentiful and resourceful.

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