Hard work is… Hard

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The more I listen to different successful people on YouTube, the more I wonder why not more of us get to similar levels of success. While writing these words I realized something: working hard is hard. Yes, it’s not a surprize or a revelation, but without a strong commitment, there is no way someone can go through the hell created sometimes by the hard work.

Passion and motivation are also required and they make things a little bit easier, but it’s still very hard. This morning I’ve noticed how hard it is. Maybe it’s because of accumulated tiredness or maybe it’s something else, but it took me 20 minutes to convince myself to get my ass out of bed so I can get through my routine, this post being part of it. I kept going front and back with this because I knew I had the option to sleep more and do my thing later. However, I somehow convinced myself there is no other option and now my ass is happy. Yeey, today I was stronger than my own self!

How hard are you willing to work so you can make your dreams come true? Whatever you think the answer is, I can guarantee you it takes more because you’ll encounter things to do that you haven’t considered in the first place. Those things also take time and you need to find a way to squeeze everything into your schedule and you probably need to sacrifice something (in my case, sleep).

This is why not more of us have that level of success. We’re not willing to go through those crazy schedules because it can be incredibly hard and we might not be strong enough yet. However, we can become stronger and we can deal with that as long as we find our motivation and commitment and we decide to do whatever it takes to create a better life for us and for our families.

How would this hard work look like for you in order to achieve your dreams?

26 thoughts on “Hard work is… Hard

  1. Maybe every one has different opinions of what success is. If a person works too hard but don’t have time to relax himself (sleep) , it may not seem as success to him.
    It is upto us what kind of life we want. If we really want such type of life ( as successful people on youtube), then surely we need to do what they are doing.
    But everyone has different idea of success and that’s ok.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. Working hard and success doesn’t refer to career and money. Having a great relationship also require hard work. Being there for that person, keeping your mouth shut when it is required, making surprises for that person and so on. In my opinion, keeping a relationship alive also requires work. Of course, if that is the success someone looks for 🙂

  2. Yes, hard work is hard. But success doesn’t always have to be. You can be successful if you get 8 hours of sleep. You could be successful if you have very little but are still happy. Happiness is the true measure of success. And happiness should not have to be hard.

    As for me, and my other ideas of success… ideas that were probably programmed into me, yes, it will probably be hard. But, if at any time that compromises my level of well-being, I’m out.

    As for right now, I’m a failure. lol! So I’m not really looking for success. Only happiness. Or, both at the same time.

    1. So your happiness is your success. I don’t think success is related to how much you have, but it is related to how satisfied are you with your life, which implies many aspects…

    1. In my opinion, living doesn’t exclude working. And a tight schedule can include a beautiful sunny day. Of course, this is different from one person to another. For me, a tight schedule allows me to enjoy a beautiful sunny day because I’m making sure I don’t have to do something else at that point.

  3. It has taken many years for me to conclude that the most rewarding parts of life come from hard work. Raising kids and careers are two that come to mind. For me and my wife, we thought now that the kids are on their own and we aren’t working any longer, happiness would come from an easier lifestyle (no alarm clocks!) Nope, now we backpack around Europe for fun, even though it is anything but easy. We hit the trail early, just like our working days. There is a sense of accomplishment at the end of every tough day of hiking. So, do most or all people need that to be happy?

    1. Thank you, Reg! To answer your question, I guess it depends on what people want to do with their lives. Some people want to experience as much as they can whilst others what to be peaceful as much as they can.

  4. First I wonder what you mean by hard work? Hard physical labor? Long intense working days? Intense brain work?
    Working hard is only hard when you’re not enjoying yourself. If you are, and you are working intensely to make that project come to fruition, you get a feeling of achievement. Nothing hard about that.

    1. I agree, but before that project comes to fruition, work is required to make it happen. Joy can come and go because there will always be aspects that we don’t enjoy as much as others when it comes to any project, but they are required. Maybe those parts are the ones that gives the impression of hard work. In my example, not the writing is the hard work, but the waking up early. Some parts are more enjoyable than others and that’s where the different emotion comes from.

  5. The hardest part for me has nothing to do with the work. It’s the extra work that would take me away from my kids. They’re already getting less with the job I have, and I need to be gone on weekends to pursue this art stuff. And I’m just not in the mind frame to leave my kids behind. They are my hard work and success right now. So when I do get to have a little time, I bust my behind. Tonight I had almost an hour and a half. I managed to sand and stain 8 frames. Once they dry, I’ll finish up with the photography part. I’m tired, but I took care of my family and got some extra work in.

    1. Yes, exactly! Taking great care of your family requires hard work too! The same thing applies when it comes to having an awesome relationship with your spouse. 🙂

  6. Whatever it takes, there is no other way. If I am not willing to do whatever it takes, means I always be at the bottom. So whatever it takes. 😊

  7. Sometimes, together with hard work, a good amount of luck is also needed, and unfortunately this happens or not 😉

  8. Success is a relative term and is defined differently by everyone. For some people it’s a smaller Jean size and less pounds on the scale – and they will put in the work for that but maybe don’t put as much effort into a project at school or work. For others, it’s simply getting up and getting their family out the door every morning. Either scenario requires a lot of hard work. I think we need to stop comparing our definition of success to others.

    1. Yes, success is different from one person to another. As you said, I believe each scenario of success requires a lot of hard work. Maybe the hard work makes the success feel like success. 🙂

  9. If things were easy then it wouldn’t be worth pursuing. Success after much effort and hard work is quite fulfilling no matter how hard the journey was.😊

    I don’t regret the years I spent studying day and night. Because it brought me where I am today.

    Great post 😊

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