Successful People – Casey Neistat

   This guy is an YouTuber and a filmmaker with a very interesting perspective about life and how we should live it. As so many other successful people, he expresses the idea of how important it is for people to be different and to follow their own path without trying to fit in. Actually, this is necessary because without crazy people with crazy ideas, we wouldn’t have innovation or evolution. The thing is that it might be a lonely road, which can be seen as a very scary thing.

   Although I agree with things he says, I often find so hard for us to realize wtf do we truly want to do with our lives. I know the usual health, happiness, family, money, vacations, comfort, cars and so on, but maybe these shouldn’t be the goals. Maybe we need to find the most appropriate process that can bring these into our lives as some bonuses.  Maybe instead of thinking about what we should get from this life, we should think about what we should think about ways to give more and the other things will automatically come.

    You can find below a video made by Evan Carmichael with his view about Top 10 Rules for Success that Casey Neistat applies in his life.

   I love the “Always be closing” rule and that quote from Voltaire “Perfection is the enemy of good” because we’re waiting too much for the right moment to get sh*t done and that right moment never comes. What’s your favorite rule and why?

18 thoughts on “Successful People – Casey Neistat

  1. Hey! Awesome video!

    You’re right, it is hard to know what our calling is or what we really want to do with our life.

    I used to be a believer in that we are born with a ‘passion’ or some sort of ‘Pre-determined’ way, that we would only need to find and then go.

    My new perspective is that we can be anyone. Like literally anyone you want to be. I do think talents exists, but at the end of the day, we have to CREATE OUR PASSION. Nobody wakes up one day magically knowing what it is they want to truly pursue.

    I think we have to make a conscious decision of what way we want to go. By this I mean to just decide to lean into something with your entire energy. Whether it movie making, academics, or becoming the best employee at your company. Decide, then execute.

    The way you do this is to decide for something you (a). Like/enjoy doing or (b). You believe in. This is where it starts.

    Passion is like profit. It is the end result of doing something everyday we find great joy in and being successful at it at the same time.

    By always having an inner debate about what could be ‘my thing’, I think we just go out and do something and see if we’re good at it.

    Great post! 🙂

  2. Pave your own path! That’s a great rule. Knowing your skills and bringing them into action is really stunning, especially if you do it in your own way. People try to copy others and that is not a good idea. You should pull your own inside to the outside.

    I really enjoy people who have an own personality and are not shy to show their own beliefs and ideas.

    Yes I totally agree that you should not work just because of earning money. It should give you a certain value, help others or improve our life’s and protect your values.

  3. Voltaire is a good chap!
    “Perfection is the enemy of good” – my best-loved slogan for last years.
    I guess it’s the other way of saying Occam’s razor.

    1. Yes, he is! Whenever I feel like my work is not good enough and I automatically think that I should stop doing it, I think about this quote which gives me the strength to move forward.

      1. Do you reveal to us what your work is about? I assume you are not living just from this blog…or am I wrong? I am always curious about other people’s career, hopefully this question does not bother you! Your pointless overthinking blog inspires many readers.

      2. I have a normal 8 to 5 job, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Besides this blog, I’m writing a book right now and sometimes I’m wondering if it will be helpful. Same with this blog. I try to make posts that can help you guys and me also, but sometimes I feel my writing is not good enough…

      3. I thought you would be a good songwriter because how you write in that certain flow it really impressed me. But maybe it’s because you are a native English speaker while I am not. The emotional impact of your blogposts are quite impressing. It’s really examplary as all your readers interact, comment and feel comfort. Great idea about writing a book. I like your style of writing. Go forward like this!

      4. Thank you so much for your kind words! Actually, I’m not a native English speaker. I’ve learned English mostly from movies, songs and cartoons (I’ve started at an early age). Also, I’ve been in US for about 4 months with Work & Travel a few years ago and it helped me.

  4. I need to watch that now! There are some great influencers on YouTube and I do watch some, but sometimes they’re a bit overpowering if I’m feeling a bit low. Caught during the right mood though, they’re very inspirational.

    1. I do understand how you feel. What works for me on my low times is trying to find more about those people’s lives and almost always I find that they had so many obstacles over their lives and they went through. I feel that struggle is part of the process and it’s not a stop. It’s just a lesson.

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