Quick change from excitement to depression? Read this!

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Drawing by Adrian Serghie

Sometimes our emotions can do whatever they want with us because they are strong. Actually, emotions are a huge part of what a human being is made of, so it is very tough to counter them with logic.

The good (or bad) thing is that our emotions are somehow controlled by our core beliefs. And maybe our core beliefs are core, but we can take some small actions every day to change them. If you’ve been through any form of therapy, I’m sure you’ve noticed the changes after a while.

Pay attention to your thoughts

If you get excited, probably something good happened. But those pesky negative thoughts might come in and tell you that the good is not so good because some sh*tty things can happen and ruin that for you. Basically, you cannot enjoy the existing good because of some potential negative situation made up by your mind.

Stop using negative labels when you talk to yourself

Our self-talk is stronger than it seems like. If you continuously tell yourself that you’re worthless and that you don’t deserve nice things, when something nice comes in your life, you’ll tend to reject it. Furthermore, you’ll tend to pass through nice things and only see the negative ones because that’s what you think you deserve.

Accept that you are a human

What a shocker! You are a human and because of this, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by different emotions from time to time. That’s normal! That’s what humans do! It’s also normal for good things to happen and for bad things to happen too. You’ll get through them as you did so many years!

Try to live in the present

This one is so hard because once our mind gets on a certain thought-path, it’s very hard to switch that, at least, directly. Maybe it would be nice to try to focus on something neutral so you can get rid of the emotions and then switch your attention back to the good stuff because those are there! Not your negative predictions!

Life will always bring different things into our path so let’s approach them one at a time (the good and the bad).

How often are your own thoughts making you feel bad about something that supposed to be good?

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  1. I don’t want to distract from the article, but the artwork was priceless. I love the detail on the man, hair everywhere! It made me giggle. 🙂

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