Question of the Day – No. 372

If we do the same things over and over again and we get the same unsatisfying results, it means we’re stuck in our own mindset. When this happens, how helpful would be to try to see the world through someone else’s eyes?


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  1. As I like to say, beating your head into a wall does not make the wall go away. Something within the situation must change. Looking at the situation from a different point of view can definitely help!

    1. I agree with you, Angela. IA vhange of perspectives doesn`t change your believes and doesn`t mobilize you necessarily so that you take action.

  2. Of course it would be helpful. But not everyone has the ability to do this. To see things through someone else’s eyes. This is why they stay stuck in thier own in insanity. What do you think it takes to gwt outside your own mind?

    1. Perhaps it might help to accept new tasks…in order to experience new perspectives due to your new role? Changes in real life can trigger changes in the mindset. Somebody needs to kick you out of your comfort zone so that you have to adapt / change…

      1. The soft way to do so can be traveling…climbing a mountain….trekking…running….gardening….decluttering your house/flat …any kind of physical exercise…physically movement might be able to help your mind to start flowing again.

    2. In my opinion, it takes the courage to admit that you might be wrong. Admitting that you might not know everything and that your conclusions might not be right would allow you to admit your box is not complete. The hunger to find out what’s out there will rise…

  3. That is literally the cause of writer’s block. Authors must continually read to adapt and evolve their own writing skills, and sometimes the well of creativity runs dry, leaving only mimicry and hindering growth. I find it helpful to read genres outside my specific expertise, to see what the rest of the writing world is doing. I hope this helps you as it helps me.

  4. It would depend on the othercs eyes. If they were malicious or not understanding your goal? Not very helful at all. If they were compassionate and could see without harsh judgement? Very helpful.

  5. Ot would be helpful. This is what great mentors and teachers do, showing their students a path according to their strength and abilities and improving their shortcomings

  6. To see the world not through someone else’s eye but to learn to see the world through your own subconscious mind and realise that this is the pattern. Any pattern can be broken. If the person realised that he/she brake it and start to see the world with his/her real eyes. The eyes of presence and reality. 😊 I hope it is understandable 🙄

    1. True, but it’s harder to see and accept that your own patterns are the issue if you don’t see examples of other patterns. Yes, it would be better, but it’s harder.

  7. There is no question taking another’s perspective and genuinely attempting to see the world through their eyes is an invaluable tool. But I would like to make a point on the assumption of insanity the question illicits, as evidenced multiple times in the comment section. I can immediately think of a handful of principles I could hold dear – part of my mindset – that I would not budge on, no matter how unsatisfying the social response would be. Imagine all the revolutionaries of our history. Imagine Rosa Parks. Gandhi. MLK. Imagine your own deeply held convictions, well-thought out moral principles, smashing against the rocks of an uncaring, seemingly invincible social wall. Are you insane for not changing your behaviour in each and every case of rejection? Or is the social mass and inertia the source of insanity?
    Yes, see the world through as many eyes as you can, but do not fear the label of insanity for holding onto and defending unpopular principles.

    1. You make a very interesting point here and I’d like to thank you for that! It takes some discernment to see when to look from other people’s eyes and when to keep your own principles and this is a place where normal and insanity might switch places if we look at social norms…

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