Emotional Literacy

When I was 20 years old, I went on a trip with other college kids to spend five weeks in Ecuador. On the part of the trip where we spent two weeks living with an Indian tribe in the Amazon river basin, I got into a debate with another young woman in the expedition. She … More Emotional Literacy

SnapDragon Speaks: On All I Need.

Greetings, Dear Reader! The SnapDragon Family is currently on the road, seeing some sights during this all-too-depressing season of lockdown during winter in Pennsylvania. (starts shivering, and hides head beneath a blanket) We’re cozied up in our Berkshire Class-A RV, embracing the open road and relishing the chance to travel to the American southeast. Sure … More SnapDragon Speaks: On All I Need.

Why Crying Like A Little Girl Is The Manliest Thing You Can Do

Provided by AP from Clear Air Turbulence Why is it always said, he cried like a little girl? We never say, she cried like a little boy, do we? For that matter, we never say she cried like a little girl either. Of course I’m forgetting that’s because it’s acceptable for girls to cry! Silly … More Why Crying Like A Little Girl Is The Manliest Thing You Can Do

Emotions and Performance. How this relationship works?

How do emotions influence our performance? Does it differ depending on the emotion? If so, can we use this in our advantage? How? We tend to think about emotions as something out of control, whilst we have a general opinion that we can control our performance. However, if emotions have a big influence our performance, … More Emotions and Performance. How this relationship works?

The Dance/Movement Therapy

   Continuing the not-so-common types of therapies series, I’m writing a few words about the dance/movement therapy (also called dance movement psychotherapy in UK). “DMT (or DMP) is the psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance to support intellectual, emotional, and motor functions of the body. As a modality of the creative arts therapies, DMT looks at the correlation between movement and … More The Dance/Movement Therapy

Basic human emotions

   A colorful mind can create colorful emotions. Starting from the darkest ones to the most enlighten states, we often go through all the specter without us even realizing how many emotions we feel in the same time. But how many emotions are out there? This is a question tougher than we might expect because … More Basic human emotions