Inner Universe versus Outer Universe

Drawing by Adrian Serghie

How often do you think of yourself as a universe? I started to do it once I’ve had a glimpse on human psychology. There are so many things inside us we’re not aware of, that when things start to move around, our whole world seems to turn upside down even though the outer universe seems to be the same.

There are many things in there we cannot reach (or we don’t know how to do it) and the fact that there are so many theories about how to approach a certain mental issue (some of them contradict themselves) proves we have no precise idea about how we work. We gave theories and working strategies, but no one can say with total precision how we work.

We all are different, so we are parallel universes that interact from time to time. Some parts are the same whilst others are differently connected. That’s the main reason why there isn’t an universal psychotherapy that can fix everyone. We’re unique so we need unique approaches.

The catch is the our inner universe is interconnected with the outer one, but it’s more important. The main reason I’m saying this is that the same outer situation can make someone happy and in the same time it can make someone else sad or mad. It’s all about how we see the things we interact with and we then decide how important is it for us and how it’s going to influence us. Even though the influence comes in, what’s inside decides how that influence will impact our inner universe.

Oh, and by the way, there are so many examples of people going through shit from an outer point of view, but their inner universe helped them successfully push themselves through that. An awesome outer universe doesn’t guarantee an wonderful life, but an awesome inner universe can do that.

On which of these two do you concentrate more?

17 thoughts on “Inner Universe versus Outer Universe

  1. What bewilders me is that the outer universe is expanding but if the universe is everything then what is it expanding into? I sometimes wonder if the inner universe is doing the same thing.

  2. Great post! Interesting way to frame it. I agree completely. The inner universe shapes the outer! I also did a post on this call the Mirror. You may like it.

  3. I concentrate on my “inner universe” more than my outer. I am careful about putting on makeup and doing my hair in the morning, then I promptly forget about my appearance. I don’t use mirrors all day long (unless someone tells me there is spinach in my teeth.) I meditate daily, exercise at least four days a week,eat decently, and stay busy, not to look good, but to feel good. Feeling good is very important to me, especially as I get older! Take it from your elder, kiddos!

      1. No! It took years of realizing everything I ever love or hate depends on myself: I can accept things as they are, change and move on, or stay stagnant in the past, never progressing. I have chosen my thoughts, knowing I can do so has made all of the difference!

  4. I love this Post!

    I work in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy setting and I appreciate the line about, unique approaches when it comes to psychotherapy.

    With that being said, Dr. Deepak Chopra
    Has written countless works about inner and outer universe. Two of my favorite books from his long list are :

    1- The conscious universe
    2 The ultimate Happiness

    Strongly suggested, if anyone is interested in learning more about their inner universe and the outer universe.

  5. Calling it inner and outer might cause duality. I believe this is one single movement.

    “Even though the influence comes in, what’s inside decides how that influence will impact our inner universe.”

    Who decides? Who is the decider? What is its relation with inner and outer?

    1. Maybe it causes duality, but that’s how I see it.
      Whatever it is inside (like core beliefs, overall emotions, temporary emotions, previous situations, past experience, physical condition and so on) decides how we see what’s outside. All these are part of the inner universe and it influences both of them.

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