60 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 367

    1. That’s a very interesting way to look at things. Seeing the negative feelings (and their origins) in a different perspective can even bring some positive feelings.

  1. Stability. I have a career I dreamed of as a kid (teacher), a paid off car (new to me…), paid off house (trailer that we got cheap then renovated together), married to my best friend, and make enough money to pay my bills. That provides me enough positivity to keep me going and to help me see the positives in other situations.

  2. Indulging in the things I love, which include but not limited to: spending time with the crew, Xbox, Anime, (lots of anime) editing, driving, and much more

      1. I live in a city filled with people! Solitude is a prize.. I take vacations and induce solitude… many people do. when you get a prize!! well… of course you feel positive 🙂

  3. My cat Tina for sure 🙂 And then playing music, especially the piano, it’s got an amazing soothing and “cheering-up” effect when I’m down… And yes, also some of the things that have already been mentioned by others bloggers before me, like driving, being with family etc…

  4. It may sound cliche, but the little things like watching the moon on a clear night, basking in the rays of sunshine, sipping coffee in pin-drop silence during the early hours of the morning, etc. Basically the little things that make me grateful to be alive, those induce a sense of positivity.

    1. Awesome! The good thing is that these little things can be found everywhere and almost anytime so you can find positivity as often as you can 🙂

      1. Mostly it arises out of HOPE to become/achieve something and to fulfill one’s desire for achieving pleasure. Apart from that, LONGING for truth, beauty, justice, love, intelligence, harmony, goodness, etc. can be the source of positive feeling for some.

        There is no main source but many sources. They are all part of the same movement of thought. Source (cause) generates positive feeling (effect) and the very next moment your positive feeling (cause) influences your source (effect). It is tough to figure out and without proper attention it is too easy to miss the connection.

  5. My pets. Making a decision that I’ve been hiding from. My husband, my grandkids and *shockingly* Aqua Aerobics. I tell you, there’s always something that can make me smile, or be thankful for peace. I just have to look.

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