A Mind Map towards understanding Yourself

Self-understanding it’s trickier than it might seem at first. If you don’t believe me, think about the thoughts that come through your mind. Do you know what triggers them? I’m often surprised by the sh*t that goes through my mind and that’s why I want to understand myself better. I need to know where those thoughts come from. Is it because of some frustrations? Is … Continue reading A Mind Map towards understanding Yourself

Cleaning the house helps cleaning the mind?

Thanks to your comments to the Question of the Day – No. 404, I started to wonder why we tend to feel better while cleaning our surroundings if we have a bad mood. Is it cathartic? If so, why? Let’s consider the following scenario: you sit around your house feeling neutral (or even good) and all of a sudden something happens and your mood gets … Continue reading Cleaning the house helps cleaning the mind?

The Self-fulfilling Prophecy – Reblog

Things happen and I often hear that things happen to us. What if we somehow influence most of them? What if when a car breaks down and we blame the universe, it’s actually our fault for not doing its checks more often? What if when we get sick it’s because we haven’t paid enough attention to our health along the way? Things happen for a … Continue reading The Self-fulfilling Prophecy – Reblog

Inner Universe versus Outer Universe

How often do you think of yourself as a universe? I started to do it once I’ve had a glimpse on human psychology. There are so many things inside us we’re not aware of, that when things start to move around, our whole world seems to turn upside down even though the outer universe seems to be the same. There are many things in there … Continue reading Inner Universe versus Outer Universe

Preproduction for your biopic! (Can you imagine?)

If video killed the radio star, now I wonder which movie star will shine a spotlight on your life… Ladies and gentlemen of poignant (or pointless) overthinking! KM is back (tell your friends) and I’m riding on a decepticon. See this feather in my cap? It’s to tickle your juicy brains into seeing the story of your life through a (camera) lens. Yes I am … Continue reading Preproduction for your biopic! (Can you imagine?)

Your Emotion is Your Energy

   Each action we make involves some energy, but where is all that energy coming from? You surely noticed that we feel more energized when we do certain actions compared with others even though no additional energy came in.    It seems that whenever we like something, we somehow find more energy to invest in that something compared to when we don’t like it. In … Continue reading Your Emotion is Your Energy

Surround yourself with greatness

This time of the year allows us to get together with most of our family and friends. In my opinion, this is a great opportunity to observe what kind of an influence those people have over our lives. Friends and family are great sources of joy or frustration. It is important to know each is each in order for us to be confident about the … Continue reading Surround yourself with greatness