Living the Life You Want

Do you think your life looks like a hamster in a wheel, that you turn around and around without living the life you want? To live the life you want you may read and follow some advice taken from the method Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, developed by Albert Ellis (1913-2007), an American psychologist. The basic principle of this therapy can be summed up in this … Continue reading Living the Life You Want

Why You Are the Words You Use

The words you use can change your reality. Language actually generates changes in your brains and changes your perception of the environment around you. Language is linked to emotions. Your words are constantly sending messages to your brain. According to neuroscientists Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman, negative words cause the increase of cortisol, the stress hormone. Therefore, adopting a negative attitude and using phrases … Continue reading Why You Are the Words You Use

Language and Mind/Culture

Hi everyone! I will do another language post, on a request long ago by Troy Headrick. Thanks Troy! I will talk about the relation between language and culture, which necessarily includes individual minds because culture happens when individual minds get together. This will be a bit longer but bear with meJ I will start with the best–known and maybe the most controversial hypothesis about language … Continue reading Language and Mind/Culture

Pointless Words – Reblog

   I remembered the first post I’ve ever written and after all this time I still resonate with it. I’ll share it with you once again and as always, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about it (the original post can he found here)!    Words… these marvelous things that provides us the way to communicate with eachother. But I’m often thinking… how real are … Continue reading Pointless Words – Reblog

Are we living in the future?

   I’m not going to try to answer this question from a technological point of view, but rather from a psychological one. How often are we saying to ourselves that when we’ll get something we’ll be happier? How many times we’re letting the tomorrow interfere with the today? How many opportunities to be happy we’re missing just because we’re thinking about something in the future … Continue reading Are we living in the future?


   All of us have addictions, but do we realize it? When I say addictions, I’m not talking only about substances (like drugs, nicotine or alcohol), I’m also talking about addictions to actions (like playing video games, watching movies or reading books) and addictions to certain people.    I think that, in essence, addictions are ways to briefly escape the cruel reality. All of us … Continue reading Addictions

Overview about Emotions

   As humans, we deal with countless emotions daily and some of them can change our mood and that affects our thoughts and our behavior. To better understand why this is happening and how to control our emotions, we need to understand what triggers them.    Are we in complete control over our emotions? Not quite, but we can control our thoughts about those emotions … Continue reading Overview about Emotions