The “Who are You? Question

The “Who are You? Question   Thinking about society, individuality and uniqueness, this question popped up. “Who are You”, I’ve asked myself. No, I don’t have amnesia so I do know my name, my status, my profession and so on. But what if I had amnesia? What if I remembered nothing about myself, about my past and about the people I know? Would I still be me?

   Let’s imagine that one day you wake up with no memories. You would be scared, right? Not knowing your name and nothing about yourself… but would you act just like you had your memories? Would you react the same as before in similar circumstances? Would you like the same food, same music, same people? What makes you, you?

   The best answer to this question might be character. It starts to form since conception and it evolves based on what experiences we have in life. So if you like a certain song, you would still like it even without your memories because it is rooted into your unconscious self, which keeps track of everything about us, without us being aware of. That’s why it happens for something to feel right for us without us knowing why… it’s because that particular song, person, situation, movie or whatever resonates with something from our unconscious self and it feels like that particular thing is part of us or maybe an extension of us. This applies to our unlikes too. Sometimes it happens for us not to like a certain person without knowing why… and it’s because something about that person is against something we have rooted in our unconscious self.

   I guess we cannot answer to that question without using names, jobs or acquaintances because words cannot express the whole being. We are unique mixtures of instincts, thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences which try to find their place in this world.

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