A quick look at Reality

 A quick look at Reality  Do we live in the same reality? No, this is not some conspiracy theory, neither some Sci-Fi perspective. Let’s just think about this for a minute or two… what it is real for me, it is real for everyone? How do we define what’s real and what’s not? If I see, say, think and believe that the sky is orange it means that it is my reality even though everyone knows that the sky is red. It’s easy to figure out what’s real if it exists in physical world, but this is not what I’m trying to say here. We are mostly influenced by thoughts and ideas even if they aren’t ours and that’s why we are so different from eachother.

   So if we are mostly influenced by things that are not in the physical world, how can we decide what’s real and what’s not? We usually use the same principle as in the physical world: what most of the people think it’s real, it means that it is real. Is that true? If 10000 people think that aliens aren’t real and 100 think that they are, it means that the 10000 are right and the 100 are wrong? Maybe so, but for those 100, aliens are real and that has influence over their being. That’s part of their reality and if they decided that aliens are real, they don’t care about what the others think. There is a never ending flux of ideas and thoughts that has an influence over our life… our behavior… our feelings… who can decide what is real and what is not? If I think God is real, I behave based on that belief. It’s my reality.

   Most of the time people argue because each one has their own reality, but they almost never think that maybe their reality is not the same. I think this is different than opinions because of it’s influence on us. We behave based on that…we eat, drink, walk and talk based on what we think… we bring into the physical world our thoughts through our behavior. Other people see our behavior and try to apply their thoughts to understand why we do what we do, but that can’t completely apply and this causes frustrations and arguments. How could they understand? Maybe our thoughts are the same, but the way they blend is unique.

   So what is real for me is also real for you? I’m sure that there are parts all of us see the same way, but it doesn’t mean that we live in the same reality. We all are too different to live in the same reality.

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