Are we living in the future?

Are we living in the future?   I’m not going to try to answer this question from a technological point of view, but rather from a psychological one. How often are we saying to ourselves that when we’ll get something we’ll be happier? How many times we’re letting the tomorrow interfere with the today? How many opportunities to be happy we’re missing just because we’re thinking about something in the future that might make us feel happy?

   It’s absolutely normal to spend some time making plans and imagining how your life will be in the future, but that should be only a part of your day. I think that 80% of your day should be spent living that day, not the future. If we concentrate too much on the future, we’re ignoring everything and everyone around us and it might not be in the good way. If we’re concerning about the future so much, we should have plans and daily steps that can get us there. In this way, we are getting in control of our life and we can feel every day.

   Living in the future might be addictive because the feelings we’re getting from that are mostly good. It’s a way to escape the daily crap because we’re getting the feeling that everything will be great. It’s nothing wrong with this as long as we’re doing something to get there. If all we have are hopes and dreams, it’s bad… we should have actions too…

   Fighting for our future is the best thing we can do and we should realize that every action we make it’s somehow influencing our future and we might not like it.

   We shouldn’t ignore the today for the tomorrow, but instead we should live the today so we can have the tomorrow we’re dreaming of.

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  1. This is so true. I remember the process of applying for a job and when actually getting the job feeling a little less thrilled although releived and grateful than I did during the process.

    I remember a friend describing the process of climbing up kilamanjaro and feeling underwhelmed when at the top.

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