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   I remembered the first post I’ve ever written and after all this time I still resonate with it. I’ll share it with you once again and as always, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about it (the original post can he found here)!

   Words… these marvelous things that provides us the way to communicate with eachother. But I’m often thinking… how real are they? Imagine talking with someone about some interesting shit… you may or may not be on the same page with that person, but how can you be sure you really understand what that person is trying to say? You just hear some sounds… you recognize them and you know what each one means… but is that person using the right sounds to express what he/she is thinking? Are words capable to express an idea just like it is in it’s creator’s head? Can we really see what a person is thinking based on what that person says or writes? Usually, an idea is a mix-up of images, sounds, words and feelings… how can words transmit all of that?

   Moreover, how can we be sure that we really listen to that person and we are not letting our personal thoughts and beliefs to alter what that person is trying to express? Psychology says that no one and nothing can be objective. Why is that? Simply because we always filter everything through our own mind… that’s why each one of us lives in his own reality. We can’t even truly express our thoughts, how could we ever truly understand what’s happening around us?

   It is said that words are the ones that can truly break us down. I think that this is because we can’t truly understand what someone is trying to say and why. And if that person is driven by some temporary emotion, he surely can’t find the right words to express his thoughts and feelings. And we break down… but for what? Not even the owner of those words can say how real are they… and I’m not even talking about lying.

   Based on this, are words the best way to express our most complex ideas? What alternatives do we have?

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  1. We can pray for each other and be connected with our hearts. Sometimes it does not need any word to feel how somebody is feeling deep inside right now. Emotional intelligence used in a peaceful way could help us that all people can enjoy peaceful life’s. But most people are not interested and want to push their emotions out of their way and put their interests at first. They want to control themselves and to express their opinions by logical thoughts and explanations. But people can have the deepest connection with others by feeling emphatic and understanding their pain and how a person is deep inside without any speech. Perhaps we will develope machines which help people to connect with their emotions and their trueselfs…Most conflicts could be avoided if people just feel how the other persons point of view is and that it’s okay to feel different about a certain topic! That would mean a world without wars! But most human beings are weak and not able to be totally selfless and kind to others. Therefore it’s just a dream bubble of my own. I saw that movie ‘the attraction’ Which I really recommend to you. Did you see it already? It’s shows that on earth the people are unable to live peaceful! Really stunning movie

    1. I haven’t seen it, but it seems very interesting. People have huge egos and because of that, they want to be right all the time. Empathy is part of the cure for that and I believe that the other part is questioning that ego. Why do we need to be always right? Because we get some dopamine so we feel good when we’re right. That’s so f*cking hard to overcome the ego…

      1. I totally agree with you. Its just a learning process to let go of that “I am right thing!”. People don’t need to be right or wrong, the y should be authentic and honest to themselves instead of pretending to be something better than they are.

  2. I think words are amazing when used properly. I’ve found that I’m better at writing them than saying them out loud, ha.

    1. I agree with you. This is because in writing we have more time to reflect about them and we can also create some logic which sometimes is missing in speech.

      1. The only thing that is bad about writing is that the person reading doesn’t receive the tone of voice, facial expression, and body language (like with texting). So, misunderstandings can happen.

    1. Words can be whatever we want. We can build an awesome castle in someone’s mind or we can create a huge black hole in that person’s heart. They are powerful, but not that easy to be used properly.

  3. Words choices stem from interpretations of inner experiences, and our past cognitive/emotional associations with those words, so it makes sense that the same words could mean quite different things to different people.

  4. I used to have a really horrible relationship with my mother until, when I was in my 40’s, I learned to speak her language. We get along so much better now.

    I friend of mine shared this YouTube link for nonviolent communication. I’m trying to put it into practice. It’s really hard to unlearn the way I’ve always communicated. I’m still working on it, though. Here’s the link: NVC-Nonviolent Communication Training Course Marshall Rosenberg: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlRkRHAyI2xHN6UUD53X76NQWVV4d0opf

    I’m also interested in etymology. It’s fascinating to me.

  5. I think words are a boon and curse. You express and also can sometimes give open to dark spaces within you. The problem is we dont mind being wrong as long as the other person wont hold it against you. When you know this person is gonna get back to you, you kinda have to be right….. coz sometimes you feel people don’t understand you… they want the rose without thorns

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