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Movie Thoughts   In my opinion, movies are the closest thing to a complete expression of an idea. A movie has words, images, music and behavior and all together can get the closest to what it’s in its creator’s mind. If we think about this, sometimes a movie can have an only purpose – to get that idea out in the world. It might be considered a form of art and that’s why we can have so many opinions about a movie. We interpret it through our own mind and we see what we unconsciously chose to see.

   We consider a movie to be good if the action resonates with our beliefs and we consider it bad if it has elements against our beliefs. And it’s not all about the idea within. We judge a movie not only for the idea within, but also for the acting, the scenario, the special effects and so on. A movie can be considered bad if the acting is not as we expect or the plot is lame and that makes our expectations not to be fulfilled and that’s why we get disappointed and think about that movie to be bad while other people consider it good because maybe their expectations were lower than ours.

   A movie can lift us up or it can bring us down if it is strong enough. A movie can make us forget about our world and we can live within it for two hours. A movie can make us smile, laugh, cry or it can make us angry, sad or scared. A movie can be our daily adrenaline dose and our daily smile.

   Movies can create addictions so be careful and don’t overdose!

6 thoughts on “Thoughts about Movies

  1. The movie black swan was so apt for the dualities in us. I could relate myself to the evil twin and my fav dialogue in the movie was ” being perfect is not always about balance but about letting go.” Im sure you must have already watched it

      1. Btw do read my blogpost ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ when free
        Something to do with identities and misconceptions… which you mentioned in how people project an image social media…

        This is a different take on similar concept

  2. I can totally escape my worries, troubles and daily life in a good movie. I have used movies most of my life as a escape.

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