What is a difficulty?

Hi everyone! Welcome to Wise & Shine! I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend! How we define difficulty or problems is variable, or it should be. What is difficult for someone might not be so for another. Likewise, when we look at someone’s life and feel like they have everything perfect, we should not assume that they do not have problems. Sometimes, because of … Continue reading What is a difficulty?

How was your week?

Hello everyone, Let’s try something different today. Instead of discussing a topic, let’s just discuss how our week went: what we did, what were some good things, some challenges etc. For me, I had a good week. I am finishing up a project at work, so it is a little stressful, especially because I am new at the job. I work with data and data … Continue reading How was your week?

Change and Aging

Hello! This week’s topic is change, specifically how our wants and needs change at different ages. Up until recently, I lived in big cities. First, in Istanbul for 6.5 years and then in Los Angeles for 6.5 years. Istanbul has a population of 15 million and it is the bigger of the two, but both are big, active cities. I loved living in them when … Continue reading Change and Aging

Internal Talk

Hi! Let’s talk about how we talk to ourselves today. Internal talk is the communication that goes on within you. You encounter an unpleasant or challenging situation. What do you say to yourself? That is internal talk. This talk is vital in shaping our perspective. Let’s say you said something awkward in a meeting. Do you blame yourself and say you are stupid? Or do … Continue reading Internal Talk

Manifestation or Zero Limits

Hello! The topic of this week’s post comes from a discussion with a friend on Friday: manifestation or letting go? Manifestation is a popular term. It refers to the type of activities done to make things you want happen in your life by using various techniques such as visualization, specification etc. Let’s say you want to buy a house. You make a vision board, believe … Continue reading Manifestation or Zero Limits

Most important week of my life so far

Hello! This is me in the picture. It is from this Wednesday. I had three graduation ceremonies and one celebration this way. I am finally no longer a student (ever in my life, probably), ever since I started school. I had a crazy week. I am moving for work soon, so I went apartment-hunting last weekend and this early week (hence the lack of a … Continue reading Most important week of my life so far

What we cannot control

Hello everyone! In my post last week, here, I talked about how silent and calm times are often followed by busy times. This is what happened with me last fall (calm times) and then this winter (busy times). I would normally expect myself to be very overwhelmed, especially given that all the things that happened were very important things for my life (dissertation defense, moving … Continue reading What we cannot control

The Price of Resting too much: Chaos

Hello everyone! Wishing you all a great Sunday and a great week! Life has a habit of presenting us with times of unusually busy schedules right after often very stagnant periods. It looks like nothing is happening for months and then boom, everything happens at the same time. Maybe we are presented with those stagnant times first so we can rest properly and get the … Continue reading The Price of Resting too much: Chaos