How was your week?

Hello everyone,

Let’s try something different today. Instead of discussing a topic, let’s just discuss how our week went: what we did, what were some good things, some challenges etc.

For me, I had a good week. I am finishing up a project at work, so it is a little stressful, especially because I am new at the job. I work with data and data is notoriously prone to bringing up last minute problems. I am also getting used to having a cat. I am realizing I am an anxious mom, but I am training myself. For example, now I can leave the cat at home when I go to work with a more relaxed attitude. Overall, kind of a stressful week but not terrible.

How was your week?


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  1. Hello Betul,

    I hope that your project at your new work place goes well; and I’m sure that as you and Havuc have more time together, you’ll both settle in comfortably! Great week for me, thanks.


  2. My week was long and I work with data as well. Most of my work was accomplished but I left a little to start next week. Nothing really exciting happened and nothing really new but it was a good week. Glad you had a good week as well.

  3. Hello Betul. I’m sorry you had a stressful week. I wrote a blog this week titled “Stress Less.” I have a daughter whose middle name is Stress. I wrote with her in mind. My week was a blessed time of service to friends in our nursing home here, PT for me and my healing finger/hand/ and fun rides with our four-wheeling friends who also are retired and have ATVs. Life is good. God is good. I hope your week coming up is stress free.

    1. What a nice week for you! Last week was stressful but it made me finish a lot of things, so this week started well. Sometimes, stress pays off but is it necessary, I am not sure.

  4. Hi…
    I had a pretty stress-free week honestly, apart from some issues with the car (it creaks so much when driving, it’s embarrassing, pretty sure it’s something to do with the suspension) everything went reasonably well. Mind you, it didn’t start out that way. I work as a casual admin reliever for my local health service so sometimes I don’t get shifts for the following week until that week has actually begun, and that’s what happened last week. I’m currently trying to sort out an idea I had for a story in my head but feeling a bit blocked atm. Hope all is well with you.

  5. Working to find an apartment or house in which to live. Stressful because I had to fill out and file with the court because my horrifying ex wants to pay less in child support! However, found that mom finally stood up to him for us! Yay! Major win!!!

    1. Take every win! Abusers try to grind their prey into the ground after they leave, to keep showing their dominance. The best response is to live fully, to live well and to develop happiness, for that is what abusers crave in their own lives but their destructive behavior prevents them from having. You’re on your way, for you are healing and becoming stronger. You are an overcomer!

      My daughter’s second ex was terrible to my youngest granddaughter (who is a 2-time cancer survivor), didn’t pay child support and worked under the table as much as he could to get out of paying it. I encouraged her to build her life so that she didn’t need to rely on him for the pittance he did give, for that was his way of calling the shots.

      I encourage you too to build your new life so beautifully that you don’t need him. Yes, I know he has financial obligations as a father, but he is using that as a weapon against you. I encourage you to build the beautiful life you and your children deserve! If you can go back to school to get a certification for a good paying job, that would be a step towards that wonderful future! Blessings to you!

      1. I agree! I am going to file for SSI for Child #4 and SSDI for Child #2. As well, I am looking into possibly getting a Master’s degree in dietary science. Thanks for the support!

      2. Good for you! I wish you every success! As you become stronger and more resilient, you are teaching your children to do so as well. As you set healthy boundaries in relationships, you are teaching your children to do so as well! This is how abuse cycles are broken, and healthy people are created!

  6. As a retiree, one week tends to blend into the next, and sometimes that makes it hard to figure out what I did yesterday. Or what I had for breakfast. This week had a memorable afternoon, though—wedding dress shopping with my granddaughter. She said yes to the dress. A highlight for sure! 🙂

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