SnapDragon Speaks: On Wrinkles & Dish Soap.

A Messy Reflection from Yours Truly. . . . Greetings from my warm, bird-chirping corner of the globe, Dear Reader. I’m in my bare feet, I have a tall iced coffee within reach, and approximately half an hour or so of solitude. Here I am. And, simply put, I’m a mess. Top-knot hairdo. Disheveled clothes. Toenails that could use a precise and careful trimming. Our … Continue reading SnapDragon Speaks: On Wrinkles & Dish Soap.

How to Love the Unrecognizable Part of Yourself

“When you accept yourself, the whole world accepts you.” Easier said than done, right? To love yourself at the current moment is complex enough, but what about who you used to be? What about the parts of yourself you aren’t proud of? What about the tedious pieces which still need tending to? To truly love yourself, you must accept the unrecognizable part of yourself as … Continue reading How to Love the Unrecognizable Part of Yourself

SnapDragon Speaks: On Thought-Jelly.

Hi. SnapDragon here. It’s been awhile. And who knows why, really. I mean, I do have a toddler. I tend to the house and home. I technically work full-time, although it’s more like a part-time, online gig at the moment. (No complaints. But it still takes up minutes of my day.) And by the time I have an hour to myself–with a cat or two … Continue reading SnapDragon Speaks: On Thought-Jelly.


Hi all, I will do something different this week and accept an award for my personal blog ( here on Pointlessoverthinking because the content of this award is very fit for here. Kamal is an awesome blogger who writes on various topics that are very much related to life and how to make our lives and environment better. he is a great inspiration and did … Continue reading GREAT ACHIEVER “महासिद्धी” BLOGGER AWARD

Dissatisfaction: A User’s Guide

Provided by Marushka from Skeleton At The Feast There are many good arguments on behalf of contentment. I am in fact completely in favor of contentment, so if you find yourself at peace with your life please don’t read any further – because today I make the case for a creature called Dissatisfaction. What is this beast? I often catch it prowling around my thoughts. It … Continue reading Dissatisfaction: A User’s Guide

I’ve Studied Abroad 3 Times & I’ve Learned Nothing

Provided by ellieejay My first international class in Guatemala, followed by a semester in London, then a semester in Granada… and what do I have to say for myself? I’ve learned nothing. Contrary to popular belief and folktales told by previous students who have studied internationally, living abroad for 5 months does not make you a world expert or even a world traveler. Needless to … Continue reading I’ve Studied Abroad 3 Times & I’ve Learned Nothing

Life Is The Dancer And We Are The Dance

It’s That Simple Life is so simple and beautiful. More than anything, it so magical and alive. I can see it dancing everywhere around me in the form of my surroundings. A few minutes earlier, I was sitting in my balcony. Luckily, my head slowly tilted upwards as I looked into the sky to watch the clouds. Their beauty left me speechless. They were so alive, so … Continue reading Life Is The Dancer And We Are The Dance

The Most Important Thing(s) To Understand About Your Relationship

One of my most interested fields in psychology is that of dating and understanding how to find and interact with our romantic partner. There is no doubt that if you are in a relationship or married, that you haven’t been through some sort of emotional or mental rollercoaster with your partner. That’s just part of the process, and more often than not, we resolve whatever … Continue reading The Most Important Thing(s) To Understand About Your Relationship

The Story Without A Title

Oh wait, you already saw it… I don’t know what I’m going to write today! I just wished to write something different. I was bored of do-this-do-that stuff.Even my homepage is full of stories I don’t want to read. Right now, a beautiful and soothing meditation music is playing behind me. I’m not feeling charged today. But I am feeling inspired. And with the above sentence, … Continue reading The Story Without A Title