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We’ve been working hard to mold Wise & Shine into a community for readers and writers. This best of post is intended to provide a peek into the collaborative efforts and other content you may have missed. Please sign up for the newsletter to get information on content and contests.

Step 9, an audio play written by Edgerton award winning playwright and Wise & Shine writer Jack Canfora has been released as a theatrical podcast. Jack and his theater company, New Normal Rep, are committed to democratizing theater by bringing great content wherever we are and they deliver beautifully with Step 9. This audio play tells the story of Emily, a woman wrestling with the implications of prosecuting the man who raped her in college 30 years ago. Is she willing to relive the horror of that night in the pursuit of justice?

Step 9 is a deeply entertaining, thoughtful and healing walk through how we deal with the aftermath of trauma. With humor and beautifully written family relationships, it meets our woundedness and guides us towards wholeness. Search New Normal Rep Step 9 wherever you podcast or go to:

Don’t Miss These Great Posts

Life Hacks, Personal Development and Inspiration

Troy shakes things up with his post David’s Walking Lunches about an inspirational figure who stays young by keeping moving

The Man At the Fountain: Homelessness by Todd inspires compassion and kindness while acknowledging that our reaction to homelessness can be complicated

SeekerFive introduces a powerful breathing technique in A Dramatic Drop in Anxiety

The Philosophical Fighter combines video games and Ancient Greek philosophers in Knowledge is Power: Philosophy from a Video Game to inspire us to be life-long learners

Crisbiecoach helps us sort out what is urgent versus what is important in this fantastic post Time Management – The Eisenhower Matrix

AP2 does one of the things he does best – apply flying metaphors to life in Stalling: The Aerodynamics of Life

Self-Awareness, Critical Thinking And Literature

“We Know What We Are, But Not What We May Be” is a post in which Jack delightfully uses Shakespeare to illustrate our perspective and perception of ourselves and others.

Define the Problem is a great post by Betul that helps us think about defining a problem, whether it be big or small, before solving it.

Indigenous Knowledge: A Roadmap to Belonging Again by Andrew looks at Indigenous ways of being that can inform a shift towards healthier and more sustainable modern societies.

Art helps us escape from the superficial markers and pursuit of success in Worth: Beyond Definition

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas: Essay Review is E.L. Jayne’s fascinating review of an Ursula Guin essay about suffering and happiness.

A.B. Osogo uncovers the hidden lessons about money we learned in childhood in Making $ense of Your Money Habits

From the WordPress Community

Chatter Master has the ability in just 39 words to both capture dreams and remind us why we have them.

An Audience of One beautifully combines a childhood classic with the reminder to be Real.

athousandbitsofpaper ponders all the different ways we are human

Victoria Ponders delivers tingly Mountain Magic with shimmer and shine.

Smelly Socks and Garden Peas has some great ideas for an Advent calendar of fun activities and treats instead of things.


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Troy and Wynne talk about fathers and Wynne’s book Finding My Father’s Faith

Troy and Jack talk about the creative process and the art of calibrating sentences

Troy and Art delve into What’s Really Important

Jack and Wynne talk about Step 9, apologies and healing

10 thoughts on “Best of November

  1. To have access to content that’s quality, consistent, and varied is a delight, and the fact that you give a shout out to your readers in the newsletter is the icing on top. Not surprising, given what I’ve learned about each of you through your writings, but definitely a treat. That being said, I certainly didn’t expect to see “me” here! I appreciate it though, and look forward to checking all of these out! 🤍🤍

  2. Wise & Shine Team…you’re the best! Thank you for creating a lovely, insightful community for readers, thinkers and kindred souls. I feel the heart — in posts, podcasts and the encouraging culture you’re curating. Cheers to all – with thanks for linking to my little “Mountain Magic” post. I’m sure my papa’s smiling! ☺️

    1. I’m sure your papa’s smiling – because of all the great work you are doing! And I love your comment that you can feel the heart – wow, that’s the best we could hope for! Love being part of this community with you, Vicki!

  3. What a fabulous group effort. Such profound depth and insight, coupled with a wealth of camaraderie and support from fellow co-creators. A laudable effort indeed, and a peek into the the way life will look in the new age of Aquarius—everyone supporting everyone. Thank you one and all.

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