Can you slow down?

Hello PO family!

How are you all doing? Long time, no see! I had to take an unexpected and long break from writing but I plan to be more regular from now on. Hopefully, we will continue meeting on most Sundays.

There was a lot going on in my life, hence the break. But I have to say, I think I am the most peaceful I have ever been now. Why? Because now I am at my own pace. I had to slow down and give myself a break and take things slowly, which is very unlike me. I have been in academia long enough to forget what ‘taking a break’ means. But sometimes things happen and you are forced to do it, which is my case (I wish I could do it without being forced but oh well). Right now, I work as much as I can and leave when I can’t (my job does not have strict hours, which is both a blessing and a curse). I rest whenever I feel the need to and I have not pushed myself for anything in a long while. Luckily, the situation happened at a time when I did not have deadlines, so it was easier to implement. But really, this is the life I want to have at some point in my life. Hopefully, before it is too late.

Deadlines will sure come up, not too far from now. I don’t know if I will be able to keep this state I am in now at that time as well, but we will see. For now, I am busy enjoying this new understanding of life and it is beautiful.

How is your life? Do you have time for yourself? Can you pull back and put everything in your own pace for a while? If you can, do you want to do that? What is your vision of your life?


23 thoughts on “Can you slow down?

  1. What I’m up to: Currently, I’m in the transition between school and college, done with all entrance exams. I have excess of time and I can think of nothing to do in the confines of my home.
    My vision in life: To promote scientific pursuits and infrastructural development in my country.
    Really enjoyed reading about you. I’m glad you’re finding this new life beautiful despite all the deadlines to keep up with. Hope life treats you well. Stay blessed. 😊💕

    1. The transition periods are overwhelming but exciting too. Good luck with everything. Enjoy the time you have now:) These times are rare blessings.
      I hope you make your vision come true!

  2. It’s good to hear from you. I look forward to more updates. As to my life, it’s life, but with pain and the prospect of much more, both physical and emotional, in the future. So life is currently in a state of flux, which is what life is, I suppose. 😐

  3. I often let the demands or needs of others come first. I try to make the first couple of hours in the day my own. Enjoy this season of life. It will prepare you for the next.

  4. Welcome back. Life is adventurous and interesting to me. Each day I tend to face ups and downs of managing my health issues. It doesn’t mean loaded with sadness but turn it as a reason to look for answers to my life. So far the journey is amicable and have luxury of free time to contribute on the things I like. My vision is simple, keep sustaining the gifted human life with a smile, move on and keep educating, growing and stay humbled.

  5. My life is blossoming with hope. I am transitioning through college with good grades and looking brightly at my future as a counselor. I enjoy morning coffee on my deck in the mornings. And I am joyful.

  6. Betul, like you, I have a tendency to push myself even when I don’t need to. I took the summer off pretty much from the internet as a whole, which did help. I hope those deadlines don’t do you in and are reasonable.

  7. Due to bipolar disorder and anxiety, I work hard with myself daily. I´m in a position that allows me to take longer breaks from the everyday since I´m early retired.

    When I do need a break, I turn to being creative and writing.

    I need to do things in my own pace, as I´m stress-intolerant.

    Therefore, life is somewhat planned here, but it works for us, my husband and me, and that´s what matters at the end of the day.

    Hope you are okay, and it is always a joy to read you.

    1. Whatever works for you is the right solution. I think planning is a good thing as long as it does not turn into obsession or heartless ambition. Keep doing what works for you!

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