Question of the Day: No. 526

Proposed by SnapDragon X.

Away, 2021.
Virginia Beach, USA.
Original Photo by SnapDragon X.
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What is your favorite childhood memory?

One of my favorite memories is going on Family Vacation each summer, to the glorious Wildwood, New Jersey.

We stayed in a motel just a block from the beach, right at the beginning (end?) of the boardwalk.

Flip-flop sounds on pavement. Salt Water Taffy. SPF 50. Shrieks of delight and splashing by the poolside.

And, of course, the distinctive call of the sea gulls, which to this day always transports me back in time.

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92 thoughts on “Question of the Day: No. 526

  1. That’s funny! I had the same memories! I remember especially the vacations spent with my whole family. I was the youngest of four children and I didn’t get to travel so much with my brothers and sisters. 🙂

  2. Good question Snap! Mine was on a family holiday to South Africa. We went on a Safari – I remember following a pack of Lions hunt down a mongoose. We ate around a fire every-night. Our guide was called fledge – I still remember his name. He surprised us on our last morning. Told us to get off the 4×4 because he found some animal tracks – told us to follow him into the bush. He surprised us with a big buffet breakfast in a treehouse over looking the reserve. So many happy memories from that holiday.

  3. I have a few, however, I’ll stay with your theme, vacationing every 4th of July at Vacation Village on Mission Bay San Diego CA- The other is decorating the Christmas tree.

    1. That sounds so nice! I loved San Diego when I visited, although I was an adult. And yes! There is something so lovely about decorating a Christmas tree, isn’t there? 🦋

  4. Ahh, you did such a beautiful job of the description that I feel like I’m there too! This day (May 18th) reminds me of when Mt. St. Helens blew up when I was a kid. The sky turned completely black in the middle of a sunny May afternoon and then we hurried home as the ash started raining down. Not a particularly happy or sad childhood memory but a powerful one that reminds me there are forces far more powerful than me!

  5. The enthusiasm for the simple things. Looking back, I was my most content with a football.

  6. Oh, glorious Wildwood, New Jersey! Our family vacationed to Cape May every year. Always had a visit to Wildwood during our stay. The boardwalk was fun back then. I hear now not so much, but I haven’t been in years. I remember wanting to go on the Sea Serpent located on Mariner’s Pier. I loved roller coasters then. Thanksgiving the walk in the past!

      1. Have you been back recently? I hear it’s referred to childwood now. Cape May is lovely. Such victorian charm and the boardwalk there was nice too. Spent a lot of time in the arcades playing skee ball! 🙂

      2. Haha, ‘Childwood’. 😂 I was there just for the day, close to a decade ago. I do remember seeing a lot of changes. Hopefully more families can make special memories! 🕊

      3. I agree. I hold those memories close to my heart. Now I’d much rather vacation on a exotic beach somewhere not to crowded. Thanks for sharing and have a great day?

  7. It’s a great question but at the same time a difficult one. Childhood is very short and sometimes filled with issues and adult problems at ages too young to handle. I sat here a few minutes and then I stopped and almost walked away as I opened that file cabinet. But as I turned I saw my basketball on the floor. I smiled because I remember one of my best friends dribbling a ball up to my home first thing in the morning and then both of us dribbling to the next friend’s house and then to the courts to spend the day. That was my bunker where I was relaxed. And then at 9 yrs old childhood ended when adults in uniforms came up to me at my father’s services and said “you’re the man of the family now.” And even though it isn’t and wasn’t fair, they were right.

  8. There was a Christmas when I was young that my mother stayed up all night baking traditional Jamaican Christmas cakes. She made about 23 cakes and the next day she gave them to our neighbors and friends.

  9. On weekends, sometimes at school night, my friends from the neighborhood and I occasionally played hide and seek at night. There were also a few empty houses in the corner of the streets (some were pretty decrepit) so we would explore them and look for things to loot 😄

  10. My repertoire of happy thoughts from childhood is pretty slim. It was not generally happy.

    When we had a horse, I liked riding it.

    Secretly staying up late reading books. I was an endless reader back then.

    Building and launching model rockets.

    Getting out of sight from the house and playing alone in the forests and fields naked.

    All things I did alone and on my own.

    Oh dear! I’ve just run out…

  11. Oh my lol….you and my kids share the same Wildwood memories ha! My husband has a house behind Larkin’s growing up. My family actually owned what is now Duffy’s restaurant. My great-grandmother and great aunts owned and ran it before I was born. Damn, I can’t remember the name before Duffy’s….this is going to drive me nuts until I end up calling my sister to see if she remembers lol. Anyway, the irony of the restaurant’s name….my mom (whose family owned it) ended up marrying my dad whose last name was Duffy!
    By the time I came along, we spent every summer at our beach house in New Symerna, FL (about 20 min south of Daytona). I’d also spend some time in NC during the summers too. But the beach house the best….still is. That was also owned on my mom’s side with her 10 brothers and sisters. The oldest of them bought it and she generously welcomed her siblings. Since they grew up so poor, they always seemed to share whatever good fortune came their way…most of my them did anyway ha. Now that they’ve all passed, my cousins in FL share ownership and I’m blessed that I’ve stayed close with them. Nowadays, I get the beach house the month of September. It’s been soooo many years since I’ve been there. Hopefully we can start a new tradition with my grandkids so when they grow up they can look back and have the same childhood memories as I had.

  12. My favourite childhood memories are those which I spent at my mother’s home with my grandparents. I loved the place and I had a lot of friends there. Those days will always be close to me and I miss them :/

  13. This brought forth nostalgia for me. Every summer for approximately nine years, my family would vacation in Wild Wood. From the scents of the boardwalk to the amusement parks, the feelings I get are nothing but warmth and excitement.

  14. A day well spent with my family when i was in school we had a visit to the most famous Jaipur (India) jal mahal …i still remember we had so much fun over there ♥️♥️

  15. Mine is when I spent my school holidays 7 days before Eid Al-Fitr. I rode my bike to the village near my home, enjoyed the scenery of rice fields and played water in the creek with my childhood friends in the morning. That’s one of the best childhood memories for me.

  16. As memories go, this is not very spectacular, but I remember the last day of 6th grade, waiting in the basement classroom area for my mom and dad to pick me up, with the wonderful thought: I don’t have to come back here ever again. I’m done with this place. Someday, I’ll have that thought again.

  17. I grew up in Kenya and going to the beach about once a year was very special. We went to a beach town called Mombasa. I remember being so excited as we crammed into the family Peugot. I sat in the back seat with my stash of activities, ready for the 8 hour drive. I was an avid reader and unfailingly threw up while reading. It took years for me to learn to quit reading in the car! 🙂

  18. Playing Playstation at my Nana and Grandad’s house, staying up too late, and then reading Asterix comics instead of going to sleep!

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