Question of the Day: How can gratitude sometimes go wrong?

Please don’t misunderstand. Gratitude, and the cultivation of gratitude, are wonderful. What I am asking is whether there are ways in which gratitude, or messaging about gratitude, or the cultivation of gratitude, can go wrong? How can gratitude go wrong? Have you ever experienced or seen this? (This image thanks to Pexels) Continue reading Question of the Day: How can gratitude sometimes go wrong?

Turn Black Friday Into Buy Nothing Day

Friday is Black Friday—a day I would love to erase from the calendar. Why? Because it’s symbolic of the out-of-control consumption that is taking over our world. In addition to harming our bank balances, overconsumption impacts our mental health and it’s destroying the planet. But there is an alternative! Friday is also Buy Nothing Day. Continue reading Turn Black Friday Into Buy Nothing Day

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The Pitfalls of Arrogance: Why Humility Triumphs

Arrogance, the trait of overestimating one’s abilities or importance while underestimating others, is a human characteristic like many others. While it may sometimes be mistaken for self-confidence, arrogance often leads to negative consequences in personal and professional relationships. Let’s see why arrogance has a destructive power and why embracing humility is a far wiser choice. The Destructive Power of Arrogance Arrogance can act as a … Continue reading The Pitfalls of Arrogance: Why Humility Triumphs

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Late Bloomers: Instructions For Use

After Todd’s post last Friday, which also mentions a previous post by Troy, I re-post here an article about getting old. So, here you find some instructions for living your third youth with no worries. There is a direct relationship between aging and physical, and mental activity. People who adopt a sedentary and passive lifestyle after retirement accelerate their aging process. Lack of movement diminishes … Continue reading Late Bloomers: Instructions For Use

Unlocking Personality: A FREE eBook I Wrote!

Everything I write about is aimed at helping people understand and love who they are. To not be ashamed or hide behind some false character armour but instead embrace the gifts that God has given them.  As part of that aim, I’ve compiled an epic ebook entitled Unlocking Personality. Based on the Big Five Personality model – one of the most widely recognised and respected frameworks in … Continue reading Unlocking Personality: A FREE eBook I Wrote!

The best habit of all

Hello on a Tuesday! I hope everyone is off to a great start for the week! We talk a lot about what the best habits are to make our lives better. ‘How do I become more productive?’, ‘How can I be happier?’ are some of the questions we hear and probably ask ourselves a lot (knowingly or subconsciously). Let’s do some brainstorming: if we were … Continue reading The best habit of all

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The Two Paths to Wealth

I have two images of wealth in my mind.  One looks like what most people envision. A lavish lifestyle, a big plastic mansion, a luxury yacht, 8 sports cars… You get it. Then there is this second image. In this picture, there is a place called home. It’s quaint, rustic. Filled with messy, silly, somewhat annoying children. There are a lot of friends and family nearby. … Continue reading The Two Paths to Wealth

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A New Year’s Resolution You Might Actually Keep

“Trying is the first step to failure.” – HOMER SIMPSON I don’t care much for New Year’s Resolutions. The idea of sitting down to make a list of things I must or must not do. Frankly it makes me want to jam a pen in my eye. (Which would, incidentally, be less painful than watching as I inevitably fail to stick at any of them.) … Continue reading A New Year’s Resolution You Might Actually Keep

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An unexpected lesson from the world’s most dangerous sport.

By E.L. Jayne Red rock roads and satin sunsets. Crimson cacti and eclectic, desert diners. Moab, Utah is a splendid sight for sore eyes. This trip to Moab held a completely new experience in store for me. I was attending a festival for BASE jumpers to film my friends jump off really high mountains. Continue reading An unexpected lesson from the world’s most dangerous sport.

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An Opportunity To Share and Connect

Dear readers, This Christmas we wanted to give something back to say thank you for all of your continued support. So, we thought we’d offer you all the opportunity to share and promote your blog here on Pointless Overthinking… for free! Here’s the proposal: If you would like to share your blog, please introduce yourself and leave a description of your site with a link to it … Continue reading An Opportunity To Share and Connect


Billy Osogo Last Sunday was Father’s Day. A day when we stop to celebrate and appreciate the father figures in our lives. Whether biological, a guardian or someone who simply performs that function. You get the picture. I spent sometime reflecting about my Dad. Due to the nature of his profession, he wasn’t around much (physically) as I was growing up. We however spent countless … Continue reading FATHERLY LOVE

The Things That I Will Miss

“The great gift of such periods is that they invite us to question our certitudes, our givens, these seemingly sure foundations that have lulled us into complacency — for it is only by being jolted out of our complacencies, cultural or personal, that we ever reach beyond the horizon, toward new territories of truth, beauty, and flourishing.” – MARIA POPOVA  So much of what I’ve heard … Continue reading The Things That I Will Miss

Be Kind — Everyone’s Fighting A Battle

Either Help Them Or Fight Your Own I’m not going to stress over using a lot of subtitles here. I’ll right get to the point. We’ve grown a long nose. It’s a bizarre truth. But it is. And the second ugly truth is that the nose has got real pokey. I mean REALLY pokey. It’s disturbing people a lot. People are trying to focus. But they … Continue reading Be Kind — Everyone’s Fighting A Battle