Unlocking Personality: A FREE eBook I Wrote!

Everything I write about is aimed at helping people understand and love who they are. To not be ashamed or hide behind some false character armour but instead embrace the gifts that God has given them. 

As part of that aim, I’ve compiled an epic ebook entitled Unlocking Personality.

Based on the Big Five Personality model – one of the most widely recognised and respected frameworks in modern psychology – this epic ebook provides an insightful exploration of personality psychology aimed at individuals keen to understand themselves and others better. 

To give you a quick breakdown – by the end of this book readers will:

  1. Understand why personality psychology is key to maximising potential and enhancing relationships.
  2. Gain a thorough understanding of the Big Five Personality model – what it is, how it came about, also how and why they should use it.
  3. Understand the implicit strengths and weaknesses at the end of each major personality trait spectrum and how to leverage this information.
  4. Understand how negative emotion relates to personality and how to mitigate it.
  5. Understand how personality influences our political persuasions and the dangers inherent at the extreme ends of the personality traits spectrums.
  6. Understand the major gender differences in personality and what this means.
  7. Learn many other valuable insights that can help improve personal development, career, relationships, and more.

I should say, this is the first ebook I’ve put together. It’s very much an experiment. I wanted to learn how to do it with an ambition to write bigger and better projects down the road.

So, I’m giving this one away for free! 

You have the option to pay, but you don’t have to. I would rather put the book in as many hands as possible. As such, there will be no attempt to manipulate you with early bird specials or anything like that.

I simply ask that you take the time to read it (if the spirit moves you) and, if you like it (or not), give some feedback so I can learn how to make it/future projects better. 

FYI I created it on Gumroad. You can give a star rating out of 5 when/after you “purchase” it. You can’t leave a written review on Gumroad, but if you wish to do so please write one below. 

I’d greatly appreciate it. 

I should say I added a few comments as testimonials that were left by some of you on the series of posts I wrote about the same topic last year. I included a link to your blogs. 

I’d be happy (thrilled) to add more if you happen to leave a review here.

I’ll finish this fine sales pitch by stating that we are all different in some way, shape, or form. Far from being a bad thing, this is a beautiful thing. We have real power in diversity and in encouraging and celebrating that diversity. 


Because with diversity comes a greater array of talents required to tackle the world’s many problems. We all owe it to ourselves to understand and maximise our particular strengths – to give those unique talents to the world.

This book will go a long way to helping you do exactly that. 

Unlocking Personality is out now! Get it while it’s hot (which it always will be).

19 thoughts on “Unlocking Personality: A FREE eBook I Wrote!

  1. Can’t wait to have a look! I encourage everyone to do likewise! If you’ve read AP2’s posts here, you know they are always profound, accessible, and insightful.

  2. That’s wonderful! I’ll be sure to have a look!

    I have a question: what self-publishing platform did you use? I’m curious because I have used some but not others and always wonder what people think of their choice. I’ve used Smashwords and KDP, and am experimenting with Lulu and Draft2Digital. Plus I publish PDFs.

    1. Thank you. I used Gumroad for this one. It was easy to set up and make. I followed a YouTube video that showed me everything I needed to know – although Gumroad is pretty intuitive. Good thing is you can make all sorts – courses, ebook, etc. But Gumroad take 30% of what you make (not sure how this compares to other platforms). All in all I like it and will use it again. I believe Gumroad is gaining some traction nowadays so might be a good one to check out. 🙏

  3. I love your clear intent to write to help others understand and love who they are – that is brilliant and generous, AP2. Congratulations on your first eBook. May it be the first of many because you have such a deep well of wisdom, stories, and authenticity. Thanks for sharing all of that with us!

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