The best habit of all

Hello on a Tuesday! I hope everyone is off to a great start for the week!

We talk a lot about what the best habits are to make our lives better. ‘How do I become more productive?’, ‘How can I be happier?’ are some of the questions we hear and probably ask ourselves a lot (knowingly or subconsciously). Let’s do some brainstorming: if we were to choose one habit to be the best of them all, what would be the best habit that makes our lives better and happier? Time management? Waking up early? Exercising?

Time management is a strong candidate. It will definitely improve our productivity and will make us happier because we become productive. But at its core, it is somewhat in misalignment with the flow of nature because we are trying to bend (i.e. ‘manage’) time in the way we want rather than go with it. So, not that for me.

Waking up early? My happiest times have been when I was able to wake up around 5 and spend a few hours of me-time before I started the day. So, a strong candidate again for me. But waking up early on its own is not enough. We have to make use of the extra morning hours. That means this cannot be our savior single-handedly.

But what if we exercise when we wake up early? It makes it much better. Let’s also add reading to our morning hours. Great routine! But what if I do not have anything else to do or anyone to see during the day? Then, will we be happy just by waking up early and exercising? Seems like a no to me.

In my experience, I have come to learn that the best habit of all is to be content with what you have. We do not have perfect lives and will never will. Then, why not try to focus on what we already have?


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  1. Interesting conversation, Betul. I totally agree with the value of the habit you have chosen. I think that my most important habit is the flip side of yours.

    For me, the most important habit is optimism: Believe in yourself and others. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Accept challenges and hope to succeed. Be willing to take calculated risks, knowing that sometimes you will win, and sometimes you will lose. Encourage and support others in achieving their goals.

  2. Lovely, Betul! I appreciate your thoughts about time management vs. the natural flow. It’s easy for me to go overboard with the microscopic management of my time, turning what was supposed to stress-relieving into stress INDUCING. And…your closing thought about contentment? Yes to that – and its close cousin, gratitude. šŸ˜‰

      1. Such a good question, Betul. It’s the practice of getting up every morning (early so it aligns with your list), breathing, focusing on something other than what’s on my to-do list so I start the day from a place of peace and quiet. It puts everything else into perspective and lets me know that whatever happens, I can find calm.

  3. I have found, just in the last few weeks, that if I fully rely on God (FROG) things fall into place nicely. It sounds simplistic, but it’s so true! Pray and then turn it over to God.

  4. Right? We are having a difficult time right now, living in a homeless shelter and struggling to find housing. However, when I just was like “Lord, I cannot do this; you take it.” Amazing things started happening! God is so good!

  5. I love sleeping late in the morning, I think I am good in managing my time and I practice sport at the end of my work day. I absolutely agree that we shall be content with what we have. And our life will flow smoothly. Excellent post Betul!

  6. A lovely post.
    I like and agree with your concluding sentence, “The best habit of all is to be content with what you have.”
    A well known fitness expert whose workout program I routinely follow says, “There is no perfect life but there are smart life choices for a better living.”
    Have a great weekend, Betul.

  7. I’ve been trying to do exactly this. Life is never perfect, so it’s important that I instead focus on the things I already have, like an able body, or a roof over my head. Contrary to what you’ve said though, I would be happy if all I did was wake up early and exercise. Everything else after that is a bonus.

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