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Let’s talk about emotions today. I want to talk about them in a pure observational way. No trying to understand, no whys. The main questions I am curious about is whether there is a dominant feeling in your life and whether there are specific emotions associated with specific times of the day.

Starting with the first: I think currently, there is no dominant emotion because they change too much. I am at a confused stage. But I have also been in some exceptional times. But I was (maybe still actually am?) a consistently happy person. Of course, I felt stressed at times, sad sometimes, but my default would always be happiness. When I woke up, I woke up happy. This was almost without exception. I asked my mom what kind of a kid I was before school and all. She said the same thing: that I was a happy and positive kid. So, I guess that is my actual, natural state of being.

As for what happens during the day. Let’s say I feel stressed about something. Then, I feel the stress in the morning and it often goes away during the day as I get involved with tasks. Same if I feel sad. I just need to get the morning through. But I learnt that this is not the same for everyone. Some people feel their “negative” emotions in the afternoon, in the evening etc. And there are reasons for that too. Maybe the end of the day reminds them of negativitiy.

PS: I am using the word ‘negative’ because I could not find a better word. But I think no emotion is negative. Instead, they all tell us something about us. The word ‘negative’ reflects our perception of them.

Ok, now your turn. Is there a dominant feeling in your life? Is there a specific time when you feel negative emotions more? Let’s discover our patterns.


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  1. Interesting observations. I too am an observer. I can say that happiness is our natural state – it has no reason, no cause. You can always find a cause for the “negative” emotions – and as you say, they are really not “negative” when you melt them in awareness. In that melting, they reveal a scintillating beauty of their own. When a person has a “peak experience” it seems so obvious – all those “bad” times were really not that bad – they were kind of exceptional in a way. Emotions are very subtle, and they are our power. They are the engine that pulls the car. They are the horses that pull the carriage. They are formless, and then we trap them, we catch hold of them in the mind and label them. Does that explain them? No – it creates our story of them. They are as they are. This trapping happens so instantly, in such a tiny fraction of a moment – between the in-breath and the out breath – that we miss the process, usually. Keep observing – you will see their true nature for yourself. Good luck on your journey dear watcher! 🙂 Thanks for visiting my site – glad you enjoyed the bed time story! Ha ha!

    1. These are really good points! Yeah, we mostly have a reason for negative feelings. Emotions are our connection to what is inside and also outside us, so they are an internal part of our being. We need to notice them.

  2. interesting analysis between the two opposites of love and hate. what a power energy hate is. but can the light side of the force overcome the dark side. that is a question of what love or the light can bring to the dark and sort of sit on the fence eating and drinking and being merry for tomorrow is just another day to get stronger, wiser, peaceful, mindful of both energies and the power of the two. It’s an amazing gift we each hold in our hands when we can all create or either destroy. may we choose to evolve in creating for ourselves and our communities and the universes that collaborate in a mutual understanding. but, like they keep drilling in me, Rome wasn’t built in a day. so until then, smile cause was all worth it. later :)?

      1. Hmmm… Patience and effort. That’s a lot to think 🤔 and try to express in words. We all have this as it’s in our humanistic qualities some prefer the introverted and there are those that are extroverted. Finding time for ourselves is a personal choice 🙂 amazing and fantatasic comment 🙂

  3. I agree with you that there is no negative emotion. The negativity, however, lies in the damage that we can do to ourselves in certain emotional states. It’s a bit like technology. By itself it’s neither good nor bad; it’s our use of it that results in good or bad.

    I feel calm. That’s been what I’ve felt mostly since I came back home after hospitalisation for COVID. In a way that illness did me some serious good.

      1. That was by way of an example to illustrate the point. I’ve been quite sorted in my appreciation of what I have and acceptance of the reality of the world around me and of myself from my teens. Events like COVID and the aftermath of events in the last few months like shutting down my record label have served to only reinforce that. I have picked good things out of it, learnt from it and am moving forward pretty much like how it’s been for most of my life.

  4. Up until about three years ago, if I was feeling particular ‘negative’ emotions they might last several days. There would be brighter patches in between the darkness but I would not forget about what had caused them or return to a semblance of balance for quite some time. Not helpful patterns.

    This has changed over the past few years. Now I am more likely to feel these ‘negative’ emotions later at night. And if I manage to get up early in the morning, there is a high chance I will experience what we can describe as ‘positive’ emotions.

    Patterns are interesting to think about aren’t they?

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